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Busy. Chaotic. Stressed. Overwhelmed. Running out of time. Run down. Playing catch up. Hustling. Tired.

How many times have you used those words to describe your life in the past 24 hours? In the past week? 


How many times have you told yourself you need a vacation before you’ve even gotten out of bed? How often have you wished that everything would fall into place so you’d finally feel happy? Have you ever found yourself wondering if there was more to life than what was right in front of you?


How many times have you liked or favorited this quote on Instagram or Pinterest:  

There's no way I was born just to pay bills and die.-3.png

...but then you jumped right back into daily life as if that’s all you were meant to do?

If you're anything like me your answer is somewhere between hundreds and too many times to count. 

I’ve been there, deep in the chaos of those questions… frustrated with every decision I’d ever made. Unsure about my future and dissatisfied with the present moment. Wondering if I'd ever reach a point in my life when I felt fulfilled. 

I made it my mission to discover how to value self-love and happiness without guilt. I found ways to focus on the beauty of the world. I made wonder and peace and curiosity the centerpiece of my life.

Little by little I began to uncover activities and resources that brought me out of the world of external accomplishments and the search for approval and guided me back to myself. I started reading every book and article I could find. I watched interviews and speeches. Took courses and meditated. Because every perspective I found led me to an understanding of alignment, an understanding of a life fueled by purpose and curiosity.  

But the beauty of this journey is that it is endless. As I evolve, so does my quest for peace and joy, connection and empathy. So I continue to read. I continue to search. I continue to wonder. And I hope you'll join me. 

This site is designed to help you find your path to wonder, peace, and curiosity! 


I hope you're ready because ...

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Printable Mindfulness and self-love worksheets

Ten inspiring self-love journaling pages with prompts that help you focus on the present moment. And a mindfulness checklist worksheet to help you stay in the present moment. Print them out, grab your favorite relaxing cup of tea, and watch the magic happen!

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My favorite meditation & Mindfulness quotes

Use these pretty quotes as social media posts, phone backgrounds, or printables that will help you quiet the chaos and turn up your happiness. They're so cute that just looking at them will make you feel ready to take on anything!

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self-care activities checklist

This checklist is full of fun and soothing self-care ideas that you can implement into your hectic schedule. Print out the list and check off all of the activities you've tried. Keep track of your self-care habits because... remember, what we track expands!

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self-love letter template

This fill-in-the-blank template gives you the kind, uplifting, inspirational words you've always wanted to say to yourself. Keep the self-love simple and personalize this love letter by adding your touch to the template. 

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Free Meditation mini course

This free mini course will help you learn to develop a meditation practice that fits your lifestyle! Sign up to get free access to the mindfulness masterclass. 


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