The Love My Life Journal: 365 Days of

Self-Love and Mindfulness

Learn how to find joy in the present moment, define and pursue your wildest dreams, and treat yourself with loving kindness even when your inner critic won’t shut up. 



Journaling is more than just making a quick list you forget about ten minutes after you wrote it down. 

It’s more than writing about every single thing you did during the day.

The thought-provoking questions in this journal help you go from overwhelmed and unfocused to completely clear and inspired.

Journaling doesn’t have to be an occasional Instagram-worthy activity where you use gorgeous handwriting to scrawl happy thoughts across a beautifully illustrated page. 

Journaling can be a life changing self-care ritual. It can be the practice that soothes your soul. It can  be the key to self-reflection and personal growth. 



When we journal, we give ourselves permission to reassess and edit our perceptions. It’s about learning to understand yourself and your life in a new way - an empowered, uplifting, inspiring way...

Because I truly believe we are all WAY too hard on ourselves. 

We are all telling ourselves stories... 

... whether we do it in our journals or not. From the second we open our eyes to the moment we go to sleep, our minds are constantly commenting on what we experience. We do it to help us filter information, to help us feel connected to the things we encounter. It’s as if we’re our own voice over in a never-ending movie. We are all narrating our lives. 

Do you want that narration to say you’re the victim or the queen? Will you empower yourself or hold yourself back? 

It’s really easy to say that you’re going to be more positive. It’s easy to say that you’re going to take loving yourself more seriously. But then something happens. Traffic on the freeway right before a really important interview. Your fridge breaks down and you don’t have the money to fix it. You’re bored with your life but don’t believe you are capable of doing anything more interesting. You’re too worried about what might happen if you take a risk because you’re convinced nothing THAT good could ever happen in your life. On some level your doubt your ability to succeed. You spend five minutes on Facebook or Instagram and realize that everyone else seems prettier, more accomplished, more intelligent, has better clothes, more money, and goes on way more vacations than you do. And after one day of all of those kinds of things, you start beating yourself up. 

There’s never enough time. 

I don’t know enough. 

I’m not good enough. 

I’ve ruined the great opportunities that have come my way. 

I might as well just stay where I am because at least I know what to expect.

I’ll never be able to do that / look like that / be that happy. 

I’ve made all the wrong decisions. 

I should be closer to reaching my goals by now. 

Why can’t I just be successful already? 

I don’t deserve to be that happy because I haven’t accomplished (X) yet. 


And it usually doesn’t take more than a minute to run through all of those thoughts in your head. And the worst part? You probably don’t even realize what you’ve just done to yourself.

I say all of this because I’ve gone through it. All of it. The fridge, the traffic, the Instagram, the not-enoughs… I’ve done it all. 


Before I started journaling consistently, I was completely caught up in my thoughts.

Rushing back and forth from one judgment to another, from one hope to another fear. I was so confused about what I wanted in life because I wasn’t sure that I could actually reach my goals. I was so busy putting other people’s expectations ahead of my aspirations that I nearly forgot who I was. 

I’d wake up in the morning, convinced that I could find and keep a positive attitude for the next 24 hours. Convinced that I could stick it out pursuing the jobs and activities that people said would be good for me. But it wouldn’t even take an hour before I’d allow something to throw me off. My focus settled on whatever seemed the most gripping - worries about the future, past disappointments, present frustrations. It was endless. I often focused on feeling like a failure instead of putting faith in my abilities. 

I was letting my inner critic win.

So many problems occur when your inner critic takes the wheel. When you can’t get your inner critic to shut up and let you live...

I call my inner critic the prison guard. She tries to keep the real me, my authentic, free, creative, happy self locked away. She says absolutely anything to make sure that I don’t take risks or do anything that might make life unfamiliar or uncomfortable. She shows up when I begin questioning my power.

How did I get out of that place of chaos and people pleasing? How did I get away from the internal prison guard? I asked myself different questions... Questions that allowed me to explore different sides of myself. Questions that taught me how to love myself unconditionally - with no one else's expectations involved.

Journaling helped me begin a much needed conversation with myself. I allowed myself to explore things that I couldn’t express out loud… things that I wasn’t prepared to discuss with other people. Why was I so hesitant to pursue my dreams? What was really holding me back? And did I honestly believe in those limitations or was I soaking up the beliefs of other people?

There are some questions and situations we can’t grapple with in our heads. There are some situations that will give you a horrible headache if you hold onto them in your mind for too long. 

But when I wrote my answers down, I felt free. I knew what fears had a hold of me. I knew what frustrations held me captive. And I learned how to assess the frustrations and journal my way to a new understanding of my life. An understanding that helped me reframe my struggles as opportunities.


And when I got clear enough to realize that I was worthy of pursuing my dreams (and actually understanding what those dreams were) I completed a novel, found the right career path for myself, and jumped fully into launching my blog and online business. I became fully myself. I learned that my acceptance and approval was all I’d ever needed. And I learned to be honest enough with myself to find the beauty in my mistakes, the possibility in my goals, and the heart to love myself through it all.

When we journal, we open a door to ourselves. And with the right questions to guide us through our emotions, we can really tap into our authenticity - our love for ourselves - in a way we’ve never accessed before.

When we really, truly love ourselves unconditionally, life becomes effortless.

We trust our inner-knowing, and allow our intuition to guide us. We can take action without feeling guilty, and live life with a smile all because we know how to treat ourselves with respect.


Loving ourselves unconditionally might seem like an impossible, hopeless romantic kind of thing to think about when our inner critic is in control. Your inner critic has probably been running things for so long that you don’t even realize she’s constantly talking. She is the voice over narration and your life is the movie. You’ve probably grown accustomed to accepting what she says as completely factual.


Hint: Your inner critic isn’t all knowing. She isn’t right all the time. And her goal isn’t to empower you. 


Instead of doing the inner work, instead of looking deep within ourselves, we allow our inner critic to back up the negative self-talk with “proof.” You’ll suddenly remember every time you were late, every time you misspoke, every time you didn’t stand up for yourself, every time you felt like you were done wrong… 


AND you’ll completely forget the times you created something you never thought you could. You’ll forget the times you loved unconditionally, the moments you laughed so hard your cheeks burned, the times when you actually paid attention to how perfectly wonderful it is to look at the stars. 


We end up constantly judging ourselves instead of loving and supporting ourselves, instead of believing in ourselves, instead of practicing compassion. 


With these themed prompts, your journal pages will never be blank. When you open this book every single day for an entire year you won’t be able to ignore the beauty of the stars, the possibilities and thrilling opportunities that are waiting for you, or your unlimited capacity for loving and caring for yourself. 


The prompts and themes exist to gently guide you to an empowered and uplifted focus. To help you remember that self-love is ALWAYS an option. To help you reframe your thoughts and consider the perspectives and options that you may have never even realized. To help you stop worrying about how everyone else sees you and begin editing how you see yourself. 


The themed prompts put your inner critic in the backseat of the car. They welcome your thoughts, however new and unfiltered… however fragile and unorganized. Wherever you are on your journey to self-love and mindfulness is just fine. You can begin as you are. Begin with what you have. That’s all you’ve ever needed anyway. 

What does this journal aim to help you discover?

That you are not your pain. You are not your challenges. You are not your emotions. You have control over your reactions. You have the power to pay attention to your life. You have the responsibility to focus on things that bring you joy.  You can redefine the things that bring you pain so that you begin to truly believe that things happen FOR you, not to you. 


It gives you daily opportunities to practice being present. To call attention to your gratitude. To grow through self-reflection. To create your own happiness. To become the heroine of your story. 

So how do you use the pages? 

Sit down. Put pen to paper. Focus your mind on the topic from that page. And write down whatever comes to mind. Imagine your thoughts moving from your mind through your fingers and out of the tip of your pen. Pay attention to your thoughts and follow them wherever they go. Allow things to unfold. Let your sentences be what they are. Don’t worry about grammar or sentences or paragraphs. Simply let the words be. No judgment. Just expression. Just presence. 

I hope that these questions help you begin to live your life as if it really matters. I hope you find that the present moment is all you ever need. I hope you know that everything, absolutely everything is okay. 

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Find your thankful heart and appreciate your silver linings.


Transform Your Bad Days

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Designed to help you vent out your bad day vibes, speak your truth (no matter how difficult),

and turn your bad day into a beautiful one.


Setting and Reaching Your Goals

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Set your goals and actually take action!


21 Days to a Happy Passion Project

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Been putting off that dream of yours for too long?

Use this journal to pursue your heart's desire.

Finally commit to your passion project and see it through to completion.


Stress-Relief Strategy

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Tired of feeling like everything's getting to you?

This journal will help you let go of the overwhelm and focus on relaxation and positivity.



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Activities for Your Heart, Mind, and Soul that will help you find your inner-knowing, self-love, and authenticity. 



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Learn to fiercely embrace who you are.

This journal helps you identify and accept who you are at a soul-level.


3 Weeks of Mindfulness

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Why journal your way to mindfulness?

Because journaling asks for your full attention.

It asks you to be present. And in that moment - you’re completely free.


Discovering What You Want

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Discover your desires & passions, define your goals, & take a break from the grind.

Start living a life shaped by your values and desires.

Yoga Inspiration and Deep Relaxation - This section is only available as a bonus chapter in The Love My Life Journal

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These pages bring together your need to cultivate self-acceptance,

practice emotional release, and learn to honor the connection

between the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional parts of your life.

Face Your Fears - This section is only available as a bonus chapter in The Love My Life Journal

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Work through your fears and worries in this three week section.

Examine what scares you and redefine your fears so that you

become empowered and learn to love all aspects of your life.

Marvels and Magic - This section is only available as a bonus chapter in The Love My Life Journal

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Three weeks of surprise themed journal prompts to help you discover the magic and wonder in your life. 

Ready to practice speaking to yourself in a way that makes you feel safe and comforted? Want to encourage yourself to dream big, and support your deepest desires? 

Get your copy of The Love My Life Journal so you can let it all out and become your own best friend.



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