The Transform Your Bad Day Journal

The Transform Your Bad Day Journal


This journal is jam packed with 40 expansive and soul-searching journal prompts designed to help you vent out your bad day vibes, speak your truth (no matter how difficult), and turn your bad day into a beautiful one. 


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Don't worry about not knowing what to write in your journal. The Bye-Bye Bad Day Journal will guide you through your struggles, helping you shift your focus and open up to the ways you can support yourself by changing your perspective.

Bad days are only permanent if you want them to be. If you're ready to get out of that funk and change your life for the better, you can start right now. Change your thoughts, and everything else follows.

Welcome to the journal that helps you express and understand your bad day, accept and embrace your bad day, and then turn that sucker into something beautiful!

When we write, we transform our emotions. They shift from internal to external, from bundled up thoughts to clear, visible language, from thought to feeling to phrase. And when we do this, when we put what's inside of us out into the world, we give our feelings space to breathe, to flow, to move. We give ourselves the ability to purge, the power to rethink our experiences, and the time to focus on changing our perspective. We can walk away from the pages feeling lighter, filled with freedom, and open to new possibilities.

The questions in this journal aim to help you get through those days when you just can't take it anymore. Speak your truth here, beautiful! And let the questions guide you into the depths of your soul - where you know exactly what you need to get you back to your amazing, high-vibe, authentic self in no time!


What is journaling, and why should we do it?

Journaling welcomes every single aspect of who you are - your broken pieces, your joyous heart, your overwhelmed emotions, your thrilling experiences, your jittery hopes and dreams, and your past despair.

It doesn’t require anything from you. It doesn’t ask that you behave in any particular way. It doesn’t judge.

Journaling is the process of having a conversation with your true self.

Journaling is writing, but it is also more than that. It is your pathway to defining and creating the life you've always wanted.

Writing and answering the right questions helped me transition from a life that felt like a prison cell to a life that I enjoy every single second of!

Writing... having those important conversations with your soul can help you learn to enjoy every single second, too.

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