The Complete Journal for Discovering What You Want

The Complete Journal for Discovering What You Want


Discover your desires & passions, define your goals, & take a break from the grind. Start living a life shaped by your values and desires.

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To know what you want, you have to travel deep within yourself. No one can tell you what you should want. So this isn’t an ebook. This isn’t an article. This isn’t a magical cure. This is simply a guided tour through your own mind.

Questions in this 22 page printable journal will help you discover your desires & passions, define your goals, & take a break from the grind to retreat into your soul.

Are you living the life you want? Are you waking up ready to be present in your own life? Do you make your decisions willingly? Are you excited about your future?

If you read those questions and a pit formed in your stomach, it’s time to take control of your life. If you read those questions and rolled your eyes because you don’t think anyone actually lives the life they truly want, it's time to challenge your belief system.

If you read those questions, and you decided to start living a life that is shaped by your values and desires, but you have no idea where to begin, then download your journal and begin to uncover your deepest desires.

What is journaling, and why should we do it?

Journaling welcomes every single aspect of who you are - your broken pieces, your joyous heart, your overwhelmed emotions, your thrilling experiences, your jittery hopes and dreams, and your past despair.

It doesn’t require anything from you. It doesn’t ask that you behave in any particular way. It doesn’t judge.

Journaling is the process of having a conversation with your true self.

Journaling is writing, but it is also more than that. It is your pathway to defining and creating the life you've always wanted.

Writing and answering the right questions helped me transition from a life that felt like a prison cell to a life that I enjoy every single second of!

Writing... having those important conversations with your soul can help you learn to enjoy every single second, too.

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