The 21 Day Happy Passion Project Journal & Workbook

The 21 Day Happy Passion Project Journal & Workbook


Been putting off that dream of yours for too long? Use this journal to pursue your heart's desire.

Finally commit to your passion project and see it through to completion!

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This journal includes over 30 printable pages of inspiring journaling prompts and planning tools to help you get your passion project started... and completed! Commit to crafting the project you've always wanted to bring into the world with this journal!

Journaling helps you learn to find time and space to get in touch with who you are and what makes you happy!

It welcomes every single aspect of YOU - your broken pieces, your joyous heart, your overwhelmed emotions, your thrilling experiences, your jittery hopes and dreams, and your past despair.

It doesn’t require anything from you. It doesn’t ask that you behave in any particular way. It doesn’t judge. It waits for you, all of you with open arms.

Journaling is the process of having a conversation with your true self. It is your pathway to defining and creating the life you've always wanted.

Before I started journaling consistently, I was completely caught up in my thoughts. Rushing back and forth from one judgment to another, from one hope to another fear. I was so confused about what I wanted in life because I wasn’t sure that I could actually reach my goals.

Journaling helped me begin a conversation with myself. Why was I so hesitant to pursue my dreams? What was really holding me back? And did I honestly believe in those limitations or was I soaking up the beliefs of other people?

There are some questions and situations we can’t grapple with in our heads. There are some situations that will give you a horrible headache if you hold onto them in your mind for too long. These questions fell into that category for me.

But when I wrote my answers down, I felt free. I knew what fears had a hold of me. I knew what frustrations held me captive. And I learned how to assess the frustrations and journal my way to a new understanding of my life.

When we journal, we’ve opened a door to ourselves. And with the right questions to guide us through our emotions, we can really tap into our authenticity - our love for ourselves - in a way we’ve never accessed before.

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