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You’re looking to take your life to the next level…

… and I’m ready to help you do it!


(If you didn’t already know…) I’m Djinji from MeditateAndWonder.com and I teach mindfulness and self-love strategies to women who want to create more passion and purpose in their lives! 

I’m so excited to help you stop settling for average and start doing what actually lights you up!

 I’m opening up only 6 spots in my one on one coaching program so that we can work on this goal TOGETHER.


You found this for a reason. You’re reading these words because you know that you’ve been needing to commit to making a change in your life… you just aren’t sure how to do it or where to start. 


You’re reading these words because you know there is a part of your higher self, a part of your soul that is dying to find peace and alignment… you know there’s a part of your soul that isn’t meeting her full potential. Not in your job, not in the way you love yourself, not in the way you show up in the world. 


I’m here to let you know that the journey to living your life with purpose and with passion doesn’t have to feel impossible, stressful or overwhelming. This path isn’t only for the lucky or the privileged.

This path is for the woman who is ready to discover her power and take her life in her hands!

This path is for the woman who DECIDES it is finally time to make her WILDEST dreams come true. 


See, it is my mission to help women create the courage and clarity they need to stop settling for stuck and start taking action on their passions. 


There are too many of us who believe that we have to accept what’s being offered to us even if we don’t like it. 


There are too many of us who have chosen our occupation because of what’s in demand right now. 


There are too many of us who put our hobbies on hold because we’re striving for the next promotion, the next degree, or we’re too busy worrying about what other people think is mandatory. 


There are too many of us who picked a college because it was highly ranked on a popular list. 


Too many of us who put what we really wanted on the back burner because we believed that in order to be successful we had to pick a major out of an old dusty book on a library shelf. 


Too many of us who deny ourselves fun and pleasure and then wonder why we feel uninspired, stuck, frustrated and snappy. 


Too many of us who cry ourselves to sleep (but would never admit it) because we’re wondering is this it? Is this all there is to life? We want to keep up appearances and have other people respect us so we never let anyone know that something feels off. 


There are too many of us who won’t ever let ourselves dream about living how we really want to because we’re afraid that we’ll try and fail.


Too many of us who like the alignment over hustle quotes on Instagram, but then willingly walk into jobs and events that are completely outside of our zone of genius. 


Too many of us who party or eat or drink or shop or date ourselves into oblivion to ignore the empty, dull feeling that comes from settling for a life that is two sizes too small.


Too many of us have forgotten what it feels like to feel unstoppable, fierce, playful, and in complete love with ourselves and what we do!


Too many of us who trust in some marketing expert or business executive or professor or parent or influencer to tell us what to do next because we have no idea how to follow our intuition, listen to our soul, and discover our true purpose. 


And maybe… just maybe we got a glimpse of our true purpose once or twice. Maybe we felt our heart soar when we sang or when we watched a romance film or when we played with that sweet little puppy at the shelter… but maybe we’ve been too disillusioned, too discouraged, too safe and rigid in our lives to even recognize our soul’s voice when it calls. And we dismiss our magical moments as a coincidence or pure dumb luck. We think that maybe we only get five minutes of happiness in this life, and our must have happened already. 


Maybe we simply didn’t have the courage, the confidence, or the trust in ourselves that helps us take the necessary leap of faith and actually see the opportunity present in our experiences. 


Maybe we believed in our limitations and bet against ourselves because… that’s what everyone else does. 


Sound familiar?


I used to be the same way. 


I thought I had to follow the rules. I thought I had to be practical. I thought that creative people could only make money one way. I thought that I had to live my life to prove to other people that I was worthy. I thought I had to have a certain job title so that my parents would be proud of me… so that they would know that their sacrifices paid off. I thought I needed to have as many degrees as I could accumulate so that I would finally be credible and acceptable. I thought that once I had a title that people would actually see me as important. And I thought, once upon a time, that checking off all of these boxes would make me happy… fulfilled… complete. 


So I did it. All of the things. The education. The graduate degree. The fancy job. The hustle. The dedication. Putting off all things “trivial” and “fun” for later on in life, whenever I could afford it… 


And only two things happened… (neither of which I expected or wanted). 


  1. I burned the hell out from working non-stop for years. 
  2. I was absolutely miserable because I realized I was living a life that I didn’t want. 


I had denied myself everything that made me, me. I had focused so much on what other people wanted for me, that I didn’t pay attention to what I actually wanted. I didn’t know who I really was. And because of that, I had no clue how to go after my real goals because I didn’t have any REAL goals. 

Realizing that this happened was REALLY HARD. I was anxious and depressed. I felt lost and exhausted. And I thought I’d backed myself into a corner. I felt stuck.


So I started over. 


I was done with the panic attacks before work. I was done feeling limited in what I could offer my students. I was done holding back. I was done reading personal development books secretly. I was done thinking that my writing would never be good enough. I was done thinking that the only way I could succeed was through teaching. I was done waiting for someone else to give me permission to be my complete self. I was done feeling like I'd messed up my entire life at just 23. 


Don’t get me wrong… this - the whole deciding to be done playing small thing - it didn’t happen overnight. I made the decision to love myself and live the life I wanted to live…. but then backtracked THREE times before I was done for good. 


That’s right… I left traditional teaching THREE times… 


Even though I knew it wasn’t a good fit for me. Even though I knew I was miserable every time I went back. Even though I knew I needed to put myself and my emotional well-being first. 



Because I didn’t have a plan in place and I didn’t have anyone to show me the way. 


Everyone I knew thought I was insane for wanting to leave teaching. Leaving a “good” stable job that I’d dedicated years of study and crazy amounts of student loans to get into? HAH!


If I would have polled everyone I knew about what I should do… 110% of the answers would have been team KEEP TEACHING! 


And for a long time, I let that stop me from pursuing what my soul was telling me to pursue. 


AND I let it stop be from actually LIVING my life and caring for myself. 


I know you've been there. I know this isn't the first time you felt the call. I know you've wanted to take your passions seriously for a long time... and every time you got started, something got in the way. Every time you sat down to write down your big scary goals and your amazing energizing dreams, a new challenge presented itself. 

Contrary to popular belief, my love, this DOES NOT mean you shouldn't take action anyway. This DOES NOT mean your dream wasn't meant for you. 

The path to living our passion and purpose isn’t linear. There is so much to learn from and stretch into along the way. This learning and stretching isn’t always easy or straightforward or pleasant. It comes with new lessons, new strategies, new belief systems, new habits, and a new levels of self-worth. We develop these things over time until they build momentum in our lives. 

So when we hear the call to pursue our passion and then we run away from it... we're learning a lesson! We're learning more about ourselves. We're getting ready to be ready for some massive shifts!

While I was getting ready for my massive shift... there was one thing I knew for sure… and it became more and more concrete each time I went back to the life that was out of alignment for me: Something didn’t feel right. I wasn't living up to my potential. And I needed to figure out how to make some serious changes. Changes to my mindset, changes to my self-love practices, changes to what I was willing to accept in my life, changes to how I responded to fear, and changes to my willingness to accept who I was in the present moment.


Eventually I got tired of being tired. I got tired of not believing in my ability to make awesome things happen. I got tired of waking up pissed off that this was my life. I couldn't stand going back to what I hated AGAIN. So instead of copping out, I did the work. 


I meditated. I journaled. I read the books. I learned everything I could about mindfulness and manifestation. I took the courses. I made the scary decisions (leaving the job included). I disappointed people if I had to do it to take care of myself. I made myself a priority. I jumped and learned to fly on the way down. I learned to think critically and authentically. 


I became the person that felt right in my soul. I COMMITTED TO MY VISION!


And here I am two years later with a business that I’m PUMPED to show up for every single day, a beautiful creative outlet, a rekindled passion for my first love - music and singing, a completed and self-published romantic comedy novel, a better relationship with my loved ones, and a dedication to myself that is stronger than ever, a sense of confidence and peace that at one point seemed impossible, and a community of thousands of women that I love to serve and connect with here at MeditateAndWonder.com that is better than I could have ever imagined. 


And it only gets better from here. 


I’m telling you… if I can do it, so can you. 


But you don't have to do it alone. 


I’m not saying that this journey was simple, but I am saying that it’s possible. 


It's possible to have a vision so clear, so in tune with who you are that you wake up everyday dedicated to making it come true. It is possible to pursue your vision everyday, even when things seem difficult... when it seems like you have no time... when it seems like everything is going wrong... when it seems like everyone else is miles ahead of you... when it seems like you have no evidence that your dream will ever work out... 


You can learn to push through those things with ease. You can learn to value yourself and your purpose. You can learn to believe in your worth. 

So I have a question for you:


What's stopping you from taking control of your life?


What's stopping you from getting in touch with your true self?


Why haven't you started on that passion project, that side hustle, that creative pursuit?

Why have you allowed the voices of everyone else to get in the way of what you really want?


My love, the cliche is true... You only have one life. 

You'll never get back this second. You'll never get a chance to do it over again. 

So let me start coaching you right now... 

The honest truth is that you're afraid. I hear you. I get it. 

You're afraid that it won't be worth it. You're afraid that you don't have enough time to get started. You're afraid that you don't have enough money. You're afraid that you'll start, things will get challenging, and that you'll give up. You're afraid that this deep calling you have to live a bigger, bolder life is just a phase. That you'll wake up one day and you'll actually feel just fine with the same old daily grind. 

You won't.

If you've got a tiny voice in your ear now telling you that there's more for you in this life... wait a couple of months and that voice will become a ROAR. 

It starts now. 

What makes a difference in our ability to take action on the things that light us up in life is our trust in ourselves and our ability to be resourceful. YOU create the time, the money, the attitude, and the opportunities that it takes to live the life you've always wanted. 

And if that sounds like too much pressure... it's okay. You don't have to figure it out all on your own. 


It’s time to rise up. It’s time to dare to dream bigger. It’s time to stand up for yourself… for your peace, for your sense of self, for your amazing quirks and characteristics, for your heart, for your passion. It’s time to know what’s possible. 

It’s time to learn to believe in yourself. It’s time to love yourself every step of the way. 


Let me support you. 


Let me coach you. 


It’s easier when you’re not in it alone. 


If you’re a spiritual woman who is longing for a deeper connection to yourself, your passion, and your life purpose, I want to help you bring your vision to life. Deep down, you already know who you want to be.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your development? Let’s take action on your passions together! 


I’m opening up only 6 spots in my private, one on one coaching program so that I can teach you everything I know!


I’m holding nothing back. I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned about using mindfulness meditation, journaling, and self-love/self-care, and committing to your purpose to bring your wildest dreams into reality! 

What will you have when we’re done working together?

  • Together we will create a customized, crystal clear vision of who you are, what you want for yourself, and how you can accomplish your authentic goals.
  • You will develop a calming, peaceful, unique self-care practice to help you keep level headed and loving yourself when things get tough or go wrong.
  • You will discover a complete understanding of your purpose - why you show up in the world & a deeper connection to how you can live in your purpose.
  • We will create an effective and simple action plan for pursuing your passion and living with purpose every day.
  • You will be able to identify the hobbies and practices that bring you joy, and strategies to implement them into your current schedule with ease.
  • You will cultivate a commitment to your own happiness and pleasure, and a deeper understanding of how this contributes to your success.
  • We will craft a solid mindfulness and meditation practice so that you can find inner peace and use it to create your dream life.
  • Together we will craft a step-by-step plan for smashing your current obstacles when it comes to living your purpose and pursuing your passions.
  • You will have a complete passion project in the works - and you will have something tangible to show for it! (Depending on what your passion is… you might have a portfolio, a new Instagram, a plan for a new business, a YouTube channel, new chapters of a novel or script, a new baking passion, a meditation practice, or something else)… you’ll have WORK done and progress made on your passion and you’ll have an enlightened commitment and spiritual connection to your creative pursuits. You won’t let anything get in the way. 
  • You will know how to handle your fears and self-imposed limitations.
  • You will be able to listen to your intuition and inner voice and learn to stand up for your newfound vision. 
  • You’ll finally be able to bravely make that change in your career or start up that side hustle.
  • You will know, without a shadow of a doubt, that your dream is not just a dream, it is an actual destination on your life long journey. 
  • You will have solid strategies and practices to help you overcome stress and feeling worried along your path to a passion filled life. 

Working with me and joining this coaching program means you’ll get: 

  • A three month intensive coaching package: a one on one, 45 minute zoom call weekly to teach you how to get clear on your vision, identify and squash what’s holding you back, make detailed action plans for your creative and purpose-based pursuits, work through challenges and fears together, learn to let go of the things that aren't serving you, do research to help you get and stay inspired, actually take action and move forward with your goals, and step into the woman you’ve always wanted to become. (That’s 12 sessions total!)
  • A special FB group for the 6 amazing women in this program where you can support each other along your journey, build a community of women who are committed to the same values and who have experienced similar struggles so that you can help each other through it all. 
  • Weekly live calls and Q&A sessions in the FB group - where I’ll give a weekly talk on a specific topic related to discovering, planning, pursuing, and revising our wild life vision and passion project, and you’ll get to chat/ask questions/learn new techniques every time! (That’s 12 live chats total!)
  • Access to every single Meditate and Wonder course - the Finding Your Inner F*** It course - all about redefining your life, learning to tell an empowering life story, putting journaling to powerful use, and creating a life that is in alignment with your soul no matter what anyone else thinks… AND Practicing Peace in the Present Moment - all about using mindfulness meditation to find a sense of peace and joy even when life gets too stressful, too chaotic, and too overwhelming. (A $494 value alone). 
  • Unlimited email/FB group access to me throughout the duration of the program. 


You ready to discover your true vision for your life and stop playing small?

You ready to make some big changes so that you can finally become the woman you’ve always wanted to be?

Ready to invest in yourself so that you can commit to the life you want? 


I’ll give you all of the tools I used to make this happen for me, and I’ll be there to support you every step of the way!

I'm going to meet you where you are. I will see you through the fog and the lack of clarity. I will help you understand that it doesn’t take a miracle to live life the way you want to. It just takes resourcefulness and a mindset of gold. I want to hold space for you to be your complete self… and I want you to allow that complete, authentic self to create a vision for your life that’s out of this world!

Get on the waitlist for the next coaching opening! 



There will only be room for 6! Is the next spot yours? 

Let me know what you want to accomplish in this coaching program when you contact me below!

Tell me what you hope to work on with me, what goals you have for yourself, and what you've struggled with when trying to live your purpose before. Let it out, girl! I can't wait to hear from you. 

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