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Busy. Chaotic. Stressed. Overwhelmed. Out of sync. Running out of time. Run down.

Playing catch up. Hustling. Exhausted. Frustrated. I wish. If only. They're just lucky... 


How many times have you used those words to describe your life in the past 24 hours?

What about In the past week? 


How many times have you told yourself you need a vacation before you’ve even gotten out of bed? How often have you wished that everything would fall into place so you’d finally feel happy? Have you ever found yourself wondering if there was more to life than what was right in front of you?


How many times has your heart skipped a beat when you scrolled past this quote on Instagram or Pinterest:  

"There's no way I was born just to pay bills and die."


...but after you read it you just jumped right back into daily life as if the bills and the dying were all you were meant to do after all? 

If you're anything like me your answer is somewhere between hundreds and too many times to count. 

I remember being there, deep in the chaos of those questions… frustrated with every decision I’d ever made. Unsure about my future and dissatisfied with the present moment. Wondering if I'd ever reach a point in my life when I felt fulfilled. 


I made it my mission to discover how to value self-love and happiness without guilt. 

I found ways to focus on the beauty of the world. 

I made wonder and peace and curiosity the centerpiece of my life.

I stopped wishing and wondering and started believing in my ability to accept my gifts and pursue them like my life depended on it... because it kind of did!


Little by little I began to uncover activities and resources that brought me out of the world of external accomplishments and the search for approval and guided me back to myself. I started reading every book and article I could find. I watched interviews and speeches. Took courses and meditated. Practiced yoga. I wrote and journaled... a lot. And ultimately left a job that no longer fit who I'd become even though I had no idea how it would all turn out. Because every new lesson, every meditation session, every book, every step I took further into myself... opened me up to a life of possibility, a life where I (the ex-shy and insecure, quiet girl) refused to sit on the sidelines. I created a life fueled by purpose, passion, and creativity. One where I run this awesome blog, inspire, teach, and coach people daily, and actually do what makes me feel fully myself! 


Now it's your turn! 


My mission is to help you stop holding onto the things that keep you stuck. To help you stop feeling like everyone else is lucky and you got the worst hand. To help you recognize your gifts, your passions, and your purpose. To help you ditch the fear and to release your habit of betting against yourself. To help you stop wanting to copy other people and start crafting an authentic vision for your life based on what really makes you tick.

My mission is to help you master mindful, meditative living so that you can gain the courage and clarity you need to LIVE YOUR WILDEST DREAMS, GIRL!

This blog is who I am. It's what I live. It's what I love. I help women stop settling for average and start prioritizing what lights them up! 

Who are you? What do you live for? What do you love? 

What's so great about this journey of living with passion and purpose? Honestly... it's that it is endless. As I evolve, so does my quest for peace and joy, connection and empathy. So I continue to read. I continue to search. I continue to learn. I continue to wonder. I'm committed to growing, to evolving, to expanding... and I hope you'll join me. 


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Stress is optional.

Self-love is mandatory!

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Hey there, Lovely! 


I'm Djinji!

And it's my mission to help you do less of what you hate and more of what you love! I'm passionate about teaching you all things mindfulness and self-love so that your dream life comes true... and so that you can find peace and happiness on the journey!

It might not seem easy at first, but it IS possible. Mindfulness & meditation saved me from holding onto a life and a job that were NOT in alignment with who I'd become. 

So girl, don't worry. I lead by example. If you want to see me all pumped up about everything we talk about on this blog (mindfulness, self-care, stress relief, & making your wildest dreams a reality) check out my Instagram)!