Why is it so hard to love and support yourself? Can self-love be more than just a trend?

What makes it so hard to love and support yourself? pin-2.png

I know you've been working hard to create the best life for yourself!

We do so much research… we watch so many videos… we read every uplifting quote we can get our hands on…

And then we walk right out of our inspirational bubble and into our regular lives without actually applying anything we just learned. We go on living our lives without taking those uplifting words into consideration.

And I know why we do it…

Because when we’re in the middle of arguing with a family member, when we feel hurt by someone we love, when we feel defensive about something that really matters to us, when we don’t want to be ridiculed or punished, or when we’re simply too tired to get important things done…

The last thing we want to do is be positive. The last thing we want to do is search our brains for the brand new information we just stuffed in there at the last minute. The last thing we can do is to remember the most important parts of that 300 page book we read a couple of weeks ago. We’re not ready to “effort” our way into being okay with whatever is happening in our life at the moment.


Instead, we revert back to our old patterns and habits. We go back to blaming ourselves… blaming the people around us… Thinking we should already know how to be better at something, how to accomplish more in less time with less conflicts and mistakes. We go right back to being upset because things didn’t work out.

We cope in the way we know how. Eating, running away, working harder, getting upset, holding grudges…

Because that’s how we’ve lived our entire lives! We’re steadily using the mistakes and disappointments of the past to tell us how to behave and how to feel in the future.

We aren’t used to loving ourselves. We aren’t used to supporting ourselves. We aren’t used to respecting every second of our life. And so we don’t. We continue the same patterns out of familiarity and apparent ease.

Because most of the time we don’t even realize that there’s an alternative to the way we’ve been treating ourselves.

If creating (and sticking to) self-care activities is hard for you, if finding joy in the small moments seems like complete BS, if you believe that life means being frustrated and disappointed because that’s just how things are, if you find yourself starting your day committed to loving yourself and being happy but by the time you brush your teeth in the morning you’ve found 15 things to be annoyed and angry about… 

There’s another way!

Mindfulness teaches us how to pay close attention to our experiences without beating ourselves up. It teaches us how to be more compassionate with the people in our lives. It shows us how to love and support ourselves through every situation. It allows us to find the lesson in the pain, the power in our anger, and the benefits of the array of emotions we go through.

The best part about it?

Mindfulness is really simple! Once it becomes a habit, your ability to love and support yourself becomes second nature. You don’t have to struggle to figure out how to be positive.

You can find peace in any situation if you’re willing.

Although mindfulness is simple, creating a new habit when life is already so busy and chaotic can be extremely difficult.

Have you ever told yourself you were going to meditate and practice mindfulness regularly only to have completely given up on your new practice a week later? Have you ever read about mindfulness and thought it sounded great, but didn’t even know where to begin implementing the practice into your own life? Are you just tired of your self-care routines, and want something that will do more than a loofah and a bath tub?

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