What Do You Believe Is Possible for Your Life?


The Good Life: Myth or Fact?


Tell the truth. Have you ever told yourself that the good life doesn’t exist? Have you ever chosen to believe that something you wanted was too good to be true? Have you ever stopped pursuing something you were excited about because it seemed improbable? Have you ever told yourself that only certain people were allowed to be 110% happy and that you simply weren’t one of the chosen ones?


If you nodded or raised your hand or said “Duh!” after reading one or all of those questions, don’t feel bad about it. We’ve all been there… at one point or another we’ve all told ourselves that the good life is a myth – a lie made up to keep us all moving forward in vain. So many of us have built our lives around the idea that the good life doesn’t exist, choosing instead to see life as an experience where we’re supposed to struggle, be miserable, and just suck it up.


I’m here to fill you in on something it took me years to figure out… That’s just not the truth. We have so much more power than we give ourselves credit for!


You are here to live your best life! You are here to chase your dreams. You are here to share your gifts and talents with the world. You are here to be happy and experience joy. You are here to become more of yourself each day. You are here to show others what it’s like to life fully, completely, and with excitement!


The world needs you to show up in all of your glory. The world is already full of people robotically shuffling through life – people who do things because they’re “supposed” to do them. People who do things because they’ve been told it’s the thing that will make them the most money, that will give them the most joy, that will help them find a partner, that will give them the most fame, that will make people love them… 


Look on any street, in any car, in any restaurant, in most workplaces, in coffee shops… and you’ll find people who are not living their best lives. You’ll find people who look like they’ve been punched in the gut - frowning mouths and furrowed eyebrows. You’ll find people who look like they just received the worst news of their lives.


How many times do you see someone simply enjoying the present moment? How often have you seen a genuinely happy and optimistic person walking around? Someone whose energy lights up a room? Someone who is just in awe of this planet, in awe of the air we breathe and the choices we get to make? Someone who understands that absolutely anything is possible?


I know that personally, I see way more people with the gut-punch look than with a smile.


You might interpret these findings as evidence that the world had become a terrible place. You might say that most people are feeling sad and upset and worried because life has become too rough for them to handle.


I’m here to offer you a different perspective.  I’d say that people have become stuck in their disempowered and destructive ways of thinking. I’d say that people have allowed external events and opinions to take control of their world. I’d say that people have forgotten that they have the ability to decide what kind of life they’re going to live!


It all begins with your beliefs! It starts with your inner reality.


I have another question for you. One that will set the tone for the rest of your experience reading this book. One that can also set the tone for the rest of your life if you want it to…


Which type of person will you be? Will you walk around with a gut-punch face or happy pants?


Here’s an interesting tidbit about life – we’re always living the result of our past actions. Who we are right now, in this very moment is the outcome of our past thoughts, emotions, beliefs, ideas, decisions, and actions.


You might think about this chain of events and realize that this is a difficult reality to accept. When we make a decision about something right now, we typically won’t see the results of that decision until a little later. You might decide that it’s hard to accept that even if you change your eating habits right now that you won’t see the changes in your body or feel the changes in your organs until later on. You might believe that it’s frustrating to start a business, but not see any financial gain from that business for a little while even though you’ve been working around the clock. (For an impatient person like myself, waiting for results of new habits used to be a challenge to reframe – to understand through a different and positive perspective).


But the other perspective is always available to you. There is always another side to your story. You can choose to see your situation (no matter what it is) in an empowering way. You can choose to believe that everything is always working out for you. You can choose to understand that you have the ability to decide what your life means! You can be one of the people who live life appreciating everything and finding joy in every experience.


How do you do this? You make the choice! Choose the belief that makes you feel better. Choose the belief that helps you become the most abundant, happy version of yourself.


Instead of thinking about how much it sucks that you’re not seeing results right away, choose to believe that you’re being presented with an amazing gift. Choose to believe that the wait time between taking action and getting what you want gives you the opportunity to refine your goal, to show strong commitment to your path, or to make changes and pivot toward a new outcome entirely. You have options! You have so many options, and everything is open for you, ready to be welcomed into your life.


But if you’re not ready to receive… if you’re thoughts are filled with all of the reasons why something can’t possibly work out for you… if you’re convinced that your limitations and struggles are bigger and more powerful than your passion and your drive, then your life will reflect those beliefs.


One of the most important questions we’ll ever ask ourselves is “What do I believe is possible for my life?”


Day after day we fill our minds with goals, hopes, dreams, and desires that we think would make us feel like royalty if we ever got exactly what we wanted. We decide what clothes we wish we could wear, what we’d like our diets to include, what kind of job we wish we could have, where we’d only dream of living, what kinds of relationships we want, and we sigh when someone else drives by with our dream car.


Often times, this is where the desire stops. We realize that we wish we had something that we don’t know how to get, and our discouragement and disbelief skyrockets. We don’t take the time to investigate the situation. We don’t do the research and we don’t use our resources. We give up before we even get started. Why do we let this happen? Because we don’t believe that we have the power to make our dreams come true. We don’t believe that we can create the life of our dreams. We think that no matter what we do, no matter what we try, we’re always going to be stuck in the same situation.


This is only true if you think it’s true. That’s the beautiful thing about our minds – they’ll believe anything we think over and over again.


So what if you decided that you could actually live the good life? What if you decided that your wildest, most inspiring, most energizing, feel-good dreams were possible? What if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you could get the job, find your soul mate, buy the house, raise the child, do the handstand, or become the happiest person you know? What would you do differently if you believed the good life was just one decision away?


Whether you believe the good life is a myth or a fact is up to you. You get to make that choice. And either way, you’re right. Your life will mirror exactly what you believe, because our actions begin in our minds. Our actions start out as tiny beliefs that become bigger over time. We make decisions because of what we think is possible for ourselves and for other people.


Do you want the good life?


I hope your answer is yes. I hope you literally screamed yes. Because if so, everything can change for you.


It’s time to figure out what you want. It’s time to define your version of the good life. Because to be honest, everyone’s version of the good life is completely different. For some people the good life is having a family to look after and love. For others the good life means having the freedom to travel to any place in the world at any time. For many others, the good life means getting an education and a job in their chosen field. And the options don’t stop there!


Your version of the good life can be whatever lights you up and makes you feel like you’re living your purpose. It can be whatever makes you feel worthy, fulfilled, and complete. The good life at its most basic is a life where you feel like time doesn’t even exist because you’re too wrapped up in living to notice the clock. It’s a life where you’ve decided that nothing can hold you back, a life where you act on your inspiration, refuse to let the negativity of others weigh you down, and choose to make decisions for your highest good because you can!


That process is going to look differently for everyone. Those feelings and outcomes will manifest in a multitude of ways for each individual person. And in one lifetime, your definition of a good life will probably change and evolve. Be flexible. Be open. Let your gifts come to you.


Know that when your vision for your life changes, this isn’t because you’ve failed or because things haven’t worked out for you. Your vision has changed because you’ve grown, you’ve evolved. You’re becoming more of who you were always meant to be. And that, my friend, is as good as it gets!


Before we jump into the rest of the steps, decide what your version of the good life looks like. In your happiest, most fulfilled, most elevated version of your life, what are you doing on a daily basis? What are you wearing? What are you eating? Who are you around? What is your favorite activity? What makes you smile? What are your goals? What have you already accomplished? Where do you live?


Get as detailed as you can while still feeling excited and pumped up about this vision for your life. If you start feeling frustrated because this life hasn’t become a physical reality for you just yet, pull back and get a little more general with your vision – until you feel excited and motivated again.


Once you can envision what you want for yourself, you’ll be on the road to an unstoppable, fierce, no bullshit lifestyle!


Are you ready?

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