The Harsh Truth About Living Your Dreams & Loving Yourself

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Here’s the truth… 

If you’re not taking action towards living a life that you actually WANT… if you’re not excited about what you’re doing everyday then it’s time to make some changes. 

I used to preach that message to my students every Tuesday and Thursday. 

I’d say, “If you’re not excited about being in this room, you have some work to do! If you’re not interested in being here, if sitting in that seat is the last thing you care about and you’d rather be anywhere but here… there is either some kind of connection you need to make between the work you’re doing right now and the life you want for yourself later OR you need to get so clear about what you want that you realize maybe college really isn’t the place you need to be.”

And I said it all because I knew exactly what it was like to sit in a classroom and feel like I’d rather trip and fall into a human-sized blender than learn another thing about statistics. And I learned that I felt that way because at the time (in my own freshman year of college) I wasn’t connected to my bigger picture. I had no idea WHY I needed to take statistics. In fact, I was absolutely convinced that I didn’t need it. Which made the process so much more painful. 

Pain is a funny thing. It really sucks (take it from me… someone with the pain tolerance of a one-year-old). But it’s also really powerful. As humans, feeling enough pain will push us to do nearly anything to get away from it. Feeling enough pain will even encourage us to do the things we’ve wanted to do all along… 

So as I told my students, week after week, to get connected to WHY they were in the classroom and let that motivation pull them through the semester… I realized that I had drifted really far away from my WHY. I was teaching the students about MLA format and grammar and writing academic papers… things that I was REALLY good at, but that I had absolutely no desire to talk about all the freaking time. 

I looked around at my life and realized it wasn’t what I wanted for myself. I picked a safe target, and I hit it on the mark… But I felt anything but safe. I felt strangled, suffocated, and creatively hindered.

What I did love though, was seeing the lightbulbs go off when my students finally connected to their WHY. I loved teaching them how to commit to their goals, how to figure out what they really wanted to do, and how to love themselves even when the journey seemed impossible. I loved that so much that it was the only thing that got me through, semester after semester. 

Realizing that I had to take my own advice was scary. In fact, I left teaching THREE times before I finally left for good. I had to learn to trust myself. I had to learn to believe in my worth and in my knowledge. I had to believe there was more possible for my life than what I’d already accomplished. 

And when I finally took that risk, oh my goodness was it amazing. I went from exhausted and burned out teaching college classes to working 12 hour days in my own business, but feeling more energized than I had in years. 

See, living a life of passion and purpose (and loving yourself through that process) doesn’t mean that you pick something that fits with your personality and then pursue it like a dog with a bone. 

Living a life of passion and purpose means that you’re willing to shift with the ebb and flow of your life. It means that you’re willing to make changes when your soul is inspired. It means that you’re living mindfully enough to notice when you’re being called to a new path… and then having enough courage and self-love to walk the path with your heart open. 

This takes effort. This takes commitment. This takes bravery. This takes knowing yourself intimately. This takes time. Vulnerability. Appreciation. Surrender. And compassion. 

This takes listening to the stories of people who have done it before. Knowing that other people have felt the way you do. Knowing that someone else let go of the thing that people told them they should settle for. Knowing that letting go and choosing something else for your life is okay! Knowing that someone else can support you through that process. Knowing that someone else took specific steps, learned specific strategies, and tapped into her intuition in order to learn to dream bigger and then to make her dreams a reality. And that she didn’t have to hustle so hard that her eyeballs popped out while doing it. That she didn’t have to stay stuck in her life. 

I moved forward. And now I’ve been running my own business for a year and a half. I’ve rekindled my passion for music and singing. I finished the novel I was working on while in grad school. I have a stronger relationship with my parents, my husband, and my friends. I wake up so freaking pumped to jump into my business. I learned to put myself first even when it made other people upset. I’ve taken courses and read books that have expanded my knowledge and my skill set. And we’ve grown an amazing Meditate & Wonder community of thousands of women where we can all support and love each other through our own journey to purpose driven, passionate lives! All because I took a leap. 

So tell me, what do you need to let go of that you’ve been putting off? 

What dream have you been putting on the shelf?


It’s time to add pursuing that dream to your self-care routine, my friend. That dream was hand crafted just for you. 


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