Stress Free Living Challenge: Day 5

Today is  my favorite and the absolute best day of the stress free living challenge!

Today’s video is all about finally getting rid of your bad habits!

I go into depth about how using mindfulness has helped me reach a goal I had for YEARS! And how you can use mindfulness to let go of the things that are holding you back just like I did. 

Want to know the details? Check out the video!

AND… if you’ve been thinking about jumping into the Mastering Stress Free Living Group Coaching Program, the video has EVEN more details about the program so be sure to watch until the end! 

If you’re feeling called to join the program, it’s because this is the time for you to finally do something for YOURSELF. It’s time to finally invest in your growth, in your self-love, in your happiness, in dedicating time to getting to know and honor yourself again and finally mastering the techniques and strategies that will help you do this with joy and peace in your heart. 

Djinji JimenezComment