Stress Free Living Challenge: Day 4

5 day stress-free living challenge day 4.png

I was so fired up in this video… I can’t even explain it. 

There are no words to introduce the level of intense I was feeling. Just watch it. Like now. No… seriously. Click play. And watch all the way through! I get even more fired up towards the end! 

I get fired up because I care. 

Because I don’t want to you to settle. 

Because I want you to see your worth. 

Because I want you to stop allowing other people and all of your struggles and all of your pain and all of the obstacles to hold you back… to stop you from going after the things that make your life worth living. 

Because I know you’re tired of playing small. Tired of doing things because other people told you it’s a good idea. Tired of going to sleep with everyone’s opinion in your mind except your own.

Because I know waking up to a life thats less than what you’re capable of is tiring. 

Because life is both too short and beautifully long and because it’s time to DO SOMETHING with your existence. 

It’s time to love the crap out of yourself. 

It’s time to stop taking no for an answer. 

It’s time to cross stress off of your list and out of your life. 

It’s time to learn to focus on the things that bring you so much joy and fire and determination and fulfillment and presence. 

It’s time to show up in your life as if it actually matters… as if you actually believed in yourself… as if you found a source of confidence and inner peace that can’t be diminished. 

Girl, it’s time. 

I get fired up because enough is enough. Stress is optional. Self-love is mandatory. Passion creates purpose. And it’s time for you to put all of that to work in your life. 

Want to know how?

Watch the video. 

Can we just take a second to acknowledge how committed and amazing you are for going through this challenge? For committing to your self-care and stress relief for four entire days so far?

That's HUGE! 

Usually we just blast through life and wonder why we feel like we've been strapped to a rocket ship for the past six months... 

When we take the time to do some serious self-inquiry and take the time to get present with ourselves, our lives, and how we've been interpreting the world around us... it's like we've finally let go of the rocket ship. So, congratulations! 


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