Stress Free Living Challenge: Day 3

5 day stress-free living challenge day 3.png

Woo hoo! It’s day 3 and here’s the brand new training!

Today we're talking about learning to stop the stress before it starts and what you really need to know to live zen AF all the time.

I won’t get into too much in this blog post, I just want you to have an amazing time going through this training. Try to just relax and listen to what resonates with you. If you're willing to be open, this training can change the way you look at everything in your life!

At the end of the day 3 stress free living video, I also talk ALL about the special announcement I mentioned yesterday… so make sure you watch the whole thing! 

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Here are the basics of the action steps I explain in the video. Want more details? Click play!

1. Creating the habit of your formal meditation / mindfulness practice - this helps you practice the strategies before you have to use them in difficult situations. This is the “low stakes” application of mindfulness. You get to train your mind and your attention with compassion while you’re not in a situation that needs your immediate action. 

2. Treating your life as a meditation - applying the same techniques to your daily experience - this is why the formal meditation practice is important… the more your practice something the more it becomes natural for you to embody the behavior and the thought process. So when you’re out living and something starts to stress you out, you will immediately know what you need to do to alleviate the stress because you’ve done it so often in your formal practice. 

3. Asking yourself this question - am I seeing this moment as it truly is, right now? This question helps you cultivate the ability to separate your situation from your thoughts about the situation. Perhaps the thing you’re stressed or worried about isn’t even a real, happening-right-now kind of thing. Maybe you’re focused on what might happen in the future or what has already happened in the past or all of the things you don't know yet… this question helps you break all of that down so that you can start to let go of whats weighing you down and work on getting in the zone with what’s right in front of you.