How to Love Yourself More & Stress Less

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Here’s a really important equation I want you to remember:

Self-love + Mindfulness = Stress free living

And stress free living = the ability to develop the courage and clarity you need to discover your purpose and to pursue your passion.

How many times have you said you’re going to just wait until things are easier and less chaotic before you start to do things that excite and inspire you? How many times have you said you can’t possibly start that business or start that new hobby because you already have way too much to juggle? Are you secretly tired of waiting until you have the perfect set of circumstances before you can finally take a breath, feel stress-free, and pursue the things that MATTER to you?

Starting on August 5th, we’ll be dedicating 5 WHOLE DAYS to talking about how to silence the noise and start creating a stress free life so that you don’t have to wait for the perfect circumstances anymore!

We’re going to be talking about how you can stop being stressed out and start living the life of your wildest dreams! We’re talking about the steps you can take to creating a ZEN AF life. 

So what’s the secret you’ve been missing? 

You can’t have self-love without being zen. 


You can’t constantly feel chaotic and frustrated and angry and upset and worried (and then be frustrated with yourself for having those feelings) and still love yourself at a deep level. You can’t focus on all of the negativity in your mind, wonder how to get rid of it, while feeling like it’s impossible to do… and actually feel loving and stress-free. 

What we focus on expands. And mastering mindfulness means learning to train what you focus on. 

When you’re always worked up and worried and not taking action on the things that make you happy because of your negative emotions… not only are you stopping yourself from living your purpose but you’re also stopping yourself from actually enjoying your life. 

No matter how hard we wish and hope and dream, life will never just line up perfectly so that we can finally feel comfortable when pursuing our passion. It's never going to finally give you a break and say ok, now you can finally take that time to care for yourself and do things that make you happy. It's never going to say ok this is your year, finally, to dedicate to yourself and your peace. 

NOPE! It simply doesn't work that way. WE have to make the decision. WE have to commit to the decision.

That's the tough news. 

The liberating part of it all is that there's a way to do this that doesn't involve struggle and immense stress and pressure and overwhelm. YES! I said it! We don't have to be stressed out all of the time. 

If you put the steps I'm about to teach you into action (the ones we’ll be spending 5 days diving into), you’ll definitely be able to live a Zen AF life - where other people’s judgments don’t get under your skin, you prioritize yourself with ease, you can find bliss in every moment, and you’re guided through life by the vision of your wildest dreams and a deep seated knowledge that you can reach them. A life where you feel so empowered and so confident that you follow your intuition and trust in your vision without fail!

The Zen AF life means you actively choose peace over pissed. You choose empathy over jealousy. You choose bliss over stress. You wake up determined to quiet the chaos and turn up your happiness. And you know exactly how to do it. Everyday.  

Look, the truth is that we only get one life with this consciousness, with this body, at this point and time in history. You only have once shot at being you and creating the life you want for yourself. ONE. 

You only get one today. ONE. That’s it. This day will never return. The breath you just took will never happen in the exact same way at the exact same time ever again. 

And if that doesn’t give you the kick in the pants you need to take living your Zen AF life seriously, then I’m not sure what will. 

Meditation is our teacher. Mindfulness is our teacher… It shows us the open door. It shows us what’s possible. And when we begin to live our lives the way we attempt to meditate, then our wildest dreams become possible - self-love included. 

Mindfulness is never about meditating perfectly. Its never about quieting the mind forever. The calm and the joy doesn’t happen because you finally have a completely quiet existence. The happiness and calm and peace appear because we learn that we can always return to our vision - to our intention - to our present moment - no matter what’s going on or what thoughts pop up in our heads. THAT is the lesson. And the more we learn the lesson - the more we embody the lesson. The more we embody this lesson - the more it becomes our natural way of life… and the less stress we experience! Because we know what we are truly capable of. 

So what do you need to know to be able to create the stress-free life of your dreams?

What can you do to be able to love and care for yourself while you’re creating that life? 

Guess what? I got you!

We’re going to be covering ALL of the basics that will help you master the stress-free life of your wildest dreams! 

And we’re doing it in the FREE Zen AF challenge!

It starts on august 3rd and runs for 5 whole days!

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What exactly will you learn when you join?

Day 1: We’re talking about… Becoming Zen AF: Why you’re doing all the “right” things but your stress hasn’t gone anywhere.

Day 2: We’re talking about… How to fix a stressful situation and figure out why you really feel stuck and overwhelmed. 

Day 3: We’re talking about… Getting rid of stress before it begins: What you need to know in order to feel zen af all the time.

Day 4: We’re talking about… Getting what you want without worrying and feeling guilty for loving yourself. (Hint: It’s possible)

Day 5: We’re talking about… How to stop focusing on meditating and start taking THESE important actions to get rid of destructive habits for good and create the life of your WILDEST DREAMS.

STOP HOLDING BACK! Stop allowing your stress to handcuff you to less than you deserve. Stop thinking that busy is your birthright. Stop thinking that bliss is impossible and that frustration is just how things will always be. 

There is another way. And that’s exactly what we’re talking about in the ZEN AF CHALLENGE!

So sign up below and get yourself inside!

It's time to discover what a life without stress would look like for you!

I can’t wait to get started. 

Get ready to change your life, girl. You’ve been patient long enough.