How to Create a Powerful Vision Board / Dream Board

“The person who sends out positive thoughts activates the world around him positively and draws back to himself positive results.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson


I’ve made so many vision boards in my life that I can’t even tell you how many I’ve done. I remember looking at my first vision board and going from image to image realizing that everything I’d wanted actually showed up in my life. I remember thinking “What now?” Over time I found new goals and new things I wanted to experience, so I created a new board. Back then I just wanted to get the things I wanted as close to me as possible. To bring them into my life as much as possible. See, I’m really impatient. And the best way I knew to put out the fire of wanting something so terribly, was to feel like it was already in my presence.

Before I got my dog, I bought a collar at Target and hung it up on my vision board next to pictures of cute little fuzzy creatures. I didn’t have the dog in my hands at the moment, but I knew one day my dog would wear that very collar - and so in a way, I was able to connect with my pup before he even existed. A couple of months later, I had the dog of my dreams (he looks so similar to the dogs I had on that board - I almost can’t believe it myself).


Okay… how exactly does all of this work?

It has a lot to do with the law of attraction. It has a lot to do with your ability to feel connected to your desires while feeling excited and maintaining trust in the Universe. It has a lot to do with your ability to focus - your ability to find clarity.

How many times have people asked you what you want and then you completely froze? What do you want to eat? What movie do you want to watch? What car would you drive if money wasn’t an issue? Where do you want to be five years from now?

We often don’t have the answers to any of these things. We can’t see it. We can’t picture it. We can’t even think about what pair of shoes to put on…

The vision board is a way around all of that. It’s a tool to help you get clear. To help you know without a doubt what makes you happy and excited. To help you find what feels good. To help you know exactly what you want, and then to help you get excited about those things. To help you believe that those things are possible for you. To help you believe in your worth. To help you see what the cynical world doesn’t want you to see. That you can create your own life, and you don’t have to be limited by anyone or anything.

It’s very similar to the process of writing down what qualities you want in your future partner. If you never allow yourself to dream about your ideal boyfriend or husband… how will you ever know what you want? Through endless cycles of trial and error? That could take a while. And like I’ve told you guys before… I’m not a patient person.

When people make lists about what they want in a significant other, and they actually write down things that make them happy (not just the usual “has money,” “has a job,” “over six feet tall,” bullet points), people with those characteristics start to come into their experience. Simply because their point of focus has shifted. Their energy has shifted.

So if people can do that for their romantic life…imagine what magical things are possible in every other aspect of your existence.


Vision boards help us combine our vision with our beliefs so that we can finally trust in the path of your life.


We’re going to work getting rid of your doubts. They don’t serve you. Believe you can allow life to unfold in beautiful ways. Let yourself want wonderful things and focus on how great you feel when you think about them. Believe what you want is coming to you. Believe the Universe is working on it already.


Focus on feeling good. Focus on feeling encouraged about the things you want. Practice believing in positive expectation. Remember things you’ve created in your life in the past that make you feel good. The time you made the friend, got the job, got the parking space, dreamed about getting a coffee and woke up to someone in your life handing you one. Believe you can do the same thing for the rest of your experience.


Let’s get started with focusing on what you want instead of paying attention to the things that aren’t working for you.


So how do we do it? 


1. Get into a positive state of acceptance.

If you go into the vision board process with a negative attitude and a belief that making one is useless, then it’s going to be a really unpleasant experience. You’ll just be sending out the vibe that you don’t actually think you deserve any of the amazing things you’re going to put on your board. So… don’t do that.

Instead, get into a feel good zone. Play music that makes you happy. Dance a little. Sing a little. Light candles. Meditate. Practice deep breathing techniques… Anything that will help you feel centered and happy to begin this project.


2. Decide what you want in your life. 

Click here to get your free worksheet designed to help you discover your desires. 

Let’s think about the attracting a significant other analogy from a couple of paragraphs ago. We talked about what happens when people put the standard characteristics on their list - characteristics that don’t really resonate with them or make them excited at all. Typically, that list doesn’t help anyone find their true love, right?

It’s the same principle happening here. When you’re deciding what you want in your life… there are endless options. So many that we can get struck with decision paralysis. The habit is to just jump into what everyone says a good life is made of: a house, a car, money, perhaps a family, and some kind of hobby. Well that’s super generic.

I want you to think about one thing. If your best friend saw your vision board out on the sidewalk… would they know it was yours? If not… you might want to pick images that are more aligned with who you are. I’m not saying get so specific that you need the exact color of teal that you want the interior of your custom Jeep to be. I’m just saying that the things you decide you want should come from your inner knowing. They should resonate with you at a level that’s beyond the typical material signs of success.

Picture the happiest version of yourself. Smile and see that happy version of yourself in your mind. What is she wearing? What is she doing?

Jot down your answers on your free printable, and use those answers to begin searching for unique images and words to put on your vision board.


3. Find pictures and text to represent what you want in your life.

Use the words and ideas you wrote down on your worksheet to help you begin your search. The most important aspect of this step is to find the feeling of joy, pleasure, excitement, or happiness when you’re looking at the image. If the picture you find doesn’t make you feel good, move on to the next image. If the image doesn’t make your jaw drop, heart thump, or bring out your inner 4th-grade-giggle, it might not be the one. You want to find a visceral reaction that it unique to who you are.

I used to do this with magazines, and then I moved on to printing out the images I wanted. The most recent vision board I did was a virtual one. I used Pinterest to create my vision board. I made a specific board and made it private so I wasn’t plastering my hopes and dreams all over other people’s feeds.

This virtual vision board was great because I saved ink, time, and had an endless amount of images to choose from. I really got to pick images that made me feel good because I wasn’t limited to a couple of magazines to choose from. And I wasn’t limited to the amount of ink I had in my printer.

Don’t be afraid to put words on your vision board that represent how you want to feel in the future.


4. Don’t stop your image search yet. Put something simple on your vision board. 

Something you like that its pleasing to look at. Something that you have a strong, happy reaction to when you see the image. Something that you think can come into your experience easily. Put that on your vision board, too.

I added butterflies to my board because I’ve always loved them, and they make me so happy when I see one floating around. I thought it would be a fun law of attraction project to play with because some days I’ll see so many butterflies I can’t keep track of them. Other days I won’t even remember that butterflies exist.

Find a fun law of attraction project to play with. Maybe you want to see how many feathers you can attract into your experience, or how many pennies… Whatever it is, pick something that you really resonate with.


5. Let go. 

Yeah, that’s right. All of that searching you just did? Let it go. You’ve placed your order with the Universe. Don’t keep checking the tracking. Just let go. Know that it’s on its way. Begin to live your life, incorporating the feelings you had when you found your images. Trust. Joy. Excitement. Peace.

Let your vision board exist in your subconscious mind. Smile, knowing that the Universe responds to how you feel not what you’re asking for.

Know that the Universe will bring you the opportunities, ideas, inspiration, people and tools you need to turn your wishes to reality.


6. Keep your eyes open for evidence that the Universe is sending you what you want. 

This step boils down to awareness. As you move through your daily experience, you’ll encounter moments of synchronicity - when things seem like a coincidence, but something inside of you tells you it’s bigger than that. When things just match up and they feel amazing.

I love this quote about how the law of attraction works:


“As far as I can tell, it’s just about letting the Universe know what you want, and working toward it, while letting go of how comes to pass.” - Jim Carrey


When we let go of the hows - of trying to figure out how to make something work, or trying to figure out whether the Universe will send the end result in five hours of five years… we make space for positive energy instead of desperate energy. All of a sudden, we can actually see the evidence that the Universe is bringing us. We can recognize the gifts. The moments when we see the exact Jeep with the custom teal interior and we have an opportunity to either be jealous or excited. The moment when the Universe brings us something similar to our desire and says, “You want something like this? Right?” In that moment, all we have to do is say “Yes,” and smile.


7. Jump into your vision board at night before you sleep. (But only if it makes you feel good and excited to do this). 

Play your vision board like a movie in your mind. See it. Feel it. If you put that Jeep on your vision board, feel the texture of the seat against your legs. Feel the side of the steering wheel beneath your fingers. Feel the way the door closes. Feel the way the car glides over speed bumps. Feel the wind against your skin when your riding with the doors off. Close your eyes. Sink into the comfort and complete vulnerability of sleep.

When you’re sleeping, you’re the farthest away from holding resistance and limiting beliefs. You’re open to possibilities and can completely relax. So using the time right before you sleep and immediately after waking up to visualize and see your dreams in that present moment is a really powerful practice. Doing this has dramatically shifted the way I feel throughout my day. And I hope it helps you too!

Have you ever created a vision board? What was your process like? Do you have any tips you want to share? Are you about to create your first vision board? Let me know what your vision board plans are! Come back and tell me how amazing it was when your thoughts turned to things.



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