How to Be Happy With Yourself and Find Joy In Your Life (In Any Situation)


Today, I want you to think about this one question:


How do you measure your happiness?


Life gives us so many experiences… so many moments to decipher and interpret. And sometimes our immediate reaction is to see the frustration in that experience. Sometimes we jump right into analyzing the situation and focusing on the things that make us cringe or sigh or tense up. We see that something will be challenging, something will take too much time, something will make us uncomfortable, something will cost too much money, something isn’t working and we have no clue how to fix it. 


But how often do we look at the moments in our lives (all of them) and look for the beauty? How often do we look for opportunities for happiness? 

Are we actually willing to put our limiting beliefs aside? Are we wiling to choose the joyful perspective?

We might not be able to predict and control everything we go through… be we do have the power to understand things as if they’re always working in our favor! 


Everything comes down to a decision. Are you choosing joy even when the moment seems devastating? 

Are you choosing laughter? Are you choosing to simply enjoy existing no matter the circumstances? Are you looking for things that make you smile? 


Because this strategy… although it can take a little effort, makes all the difference in how much happiness we feel. 


I know there’s a line of thought going around right now that believes that no one can be happy 100% of the time… this may or may not be true… I don’t claim to have all of the answers. 


I’m just choosing to believe that this isn’t the case for my life. I’m choosing to believe I can find happiness in every moment. I definitely feel the wide range of emotions that all humans go through - negative ones included… but I’ll always decide to interpret my life through an uplifted and empowered perspective. Because that feels right for me! 


You get to decide what feels right for you. You get to determine what your version of a happy life is. And you can choose to find happiness as often as you'd like to!


I hope that you go through your week looking for things that make you smile. I hope you find things to appreciate. I hope you take a second to recognize how much there is to love in your life right now, as it is in this moment - not how you want it to be in the future. 


Some days are better than others! Sometimes finding the perspective that helps me feel empowered is so simple... other times it can be more challenging. 


But I’ve found that these steps definitely help my process, and I hope they help yours too. 


So HOW exactly can we get started looking for joy and happiness in our daily lives? 


1. Identify everything you can think of that makes you feel love, joy, happiness, pleasure… (anything that lifts you up). 


You can make this list daily, nightly, weekly, or some combination of all three.  Why do this? Because we always find what we’re giving our attention to. If you write down that your morning coffee makes you really happy… the next time you have a morning coffee you’re more likely to realize the happiness it gives you. In the moment, you’ll be able to be 100% present with your coffee and your joy! This happens because of awareness - simply giving your complete attention to an event and how you feel about that event. 


If typically you would have gulped your coffee down while rushing out of the door, the moment of being present with your coffee and truly reveling in the joy it gives you becomes a beautiful gift! This phenomenon can happen with ANYTHING in your life. If there’s an aspect of you job that you love, walk into work with that on your mind. Get excited about that part of your day. Focus on it. And when you get to do that, fully experience the joy of that moment. 

2. If you have to deal with things that are less than pleasing… don’t worry! You can still find happiness in your life.


Make sure you’re still engaging in step one (even if all you can find to be happy about is the fact that you like the way your elbows look. Appreciate the tiny things and focus more on them. But when you’re in the moment and you’re dealing with something sad, frustrating, or worrisome… something that helps me find positivity is asking myself one question: 


What kind of person am I becoming in this moment? 


Because no matter what we’re going through, we’re always developing as a person. We're always learning and looking at life with an ever evolving perspective. And even if the situation is heartbreaking… when we show up as our best, most brave self, we’re becoming a person of integrity. We’re becoming someone who faces the world, confident and with open arms. We’re becoming the type of person who has a wealth of experience (good and bad) to share with others so that we can empathize and encourage those around us. 


I know that even if I can’t always see the silver lining in the situation, I can find one within myself.  I know that I can find joy and excitement in experiencing something new.


Start using your own scale when you measure your happiness. Your joy doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s joy. Your life doesn’t have to look perfect and accomplished and shiny for you to deserve happiness. You deserve it as you are in this very moment. Happiness is not reserved for perfection. 

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Djinji Jimenez