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The Harsh Truth About Living Your Dreams & Loving Yourself

Here’s the truth… 

If you’re not taking action towards living a life that you actually WANT… if you’re not excited about what you’re doing everyday then it’s time to make some changes. 

I used to preach that message to my students every Tuesday and Thursday. 

I’d say, “If you’re not excited about being in this room, you have some work to do! If you’re not interested in being here, if sitting in that seat is the last thing you care about and you’d rather be anywhere but here… there is either some kind of connection you need to make between the work you’re doing right now and the life you want for yourself later OR you need to get so clear about what you want that you realize maybe college really isn’t the place you need to be.”

And I said it all because I knew exactly what it was like to sit in a classroom and feel like I’d rather trip and fall into a human-sized blender than learn another thing about statistics.

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How to Love Feeling Afraid When Chasing Your Dreams

Have you been wanting to try something new, take a risk, or pursue a big dream?

How long have you kept this dream a secret? Only thinking about it at night before you sleep… refusing to give your dream attention, refusing to commit to it because this wild dream can’t possibly come true, right?

Have you been wanting to create a bigger, more amazing, more authentic life for yourself? Have you been wanting to make changes, to do things differently, to switch up your habits and become the person you know you can be?

If you have… I know for sure you’ve encountered your fair share of fear.

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How to Stop Being a Perfectionist

One of the most important things I’ve had the pleasure of learning over and over again in life is that perfection is a myth. 

The first time I really HEARD these words (actually felt them, and could understand the validity and impact of this lesson) was in a college classroom. I was working as a supplemental instructor, learning how to teach writing to college freshman from one of the most amazing and passionate people on the planet. 

The way this professor talked about language, learning, and writing turned my world upside down. I was in the middle of one of the most stressful semesters I’d ever experienced - applying for graduate school, taking on brand new leadership roles, working, and taking honors classes… and on top of the baseline requirements, I was learning how to become comfortable behaving and coping as a college senior, as a writer, or and as a teacher. 

Long story short, I had no idea what I was doing.

But this professor changed everything for me. 

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5 Ways to Get Out of a Bad Mood

1. Flood yourself with uplifting content and positivity. 

Bad moods can show up in the middle of any situation! Even when we least expect it. (Sometimes on the days when you’d think I’d be the happiest have been the most challenging). And often times, the bad mood is a result of consistent worries and rumination on a worst case scenario. Sometimes the thoughts we think seem so natural. We don't take the time to investigate them or question them. 

When we find ourselves in a bad mood, it’s a reminder! This bad mood is telling us to pay attention to what we’re thinking.

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The Most Important Activity for a Mindful and Happy Life

1. Journaling gives us an opportunity to vent: 

No other activity gives you all of the space and time to completely express your internal monologue as often as you'd like. Journaling welcomes you, giving you page after page to express thoughts you've kept bottled up for years. How often have you stopped yourself from saying things that felt true to you because it was the wrong time, wrong place, or because things just felt inappropriate? In life we’ve been trained to censor ourselves, but in journaling we get to be 100% ourselves. We get to see ourselves unapologetically. Journaling gives us the opportunity to work through those moments and thoughts we cut ourselves off from - a chance to fully express our thoughts, and work through past situations in a way that feels liberating. Want to know the best part about venting to your journal? No one has to know about what you’ve written unless you want them to! 

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5 Simple Ways to Beat Procrastination

Have you ever felt like you had a million things to do but no idea where to begin? Have you ever put off something extremely important only to feel rushed and underwhelmed with your performance once you actually got started? Have you ever given up on something, a hobby, a project, a relationship because you just didn’t want to do what was necessary to revive it?


We’ve all been there. We’ve all struggled to figure things out. We’ve all scratched our head in confusion not knowing how to get ourselves away from the TV or Facebook or (insert your avoidance mechanism of choice here) so that we can move forward in our lives. 


I’ve got some tips for you! Here are some ways I’ve learned to beat procrastination and perfectionist tendencies and make decisions from an authentic, loving, respectful place! 


1. Ask yourself what you get out of doing this task.  

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25 Ways To Get Through A Bad Day

Bad days. The days when everything seems to go wrong. The times when you can’t seem to crack a smile. When you wake up frustrated, when the electricity goes off before you’ve had your morning coffee, when there’s construction on your morning drive and you end up late to work, when someone treats you horribly, when you have an argument with a loved one, when you get life changing bad news and you can’t focus on anything else… 


You’re having a bad day. 


They happen to us all! 


Recently, I had a long string of bad days.

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What Do You Believe Is Possible for Your Life?



Tell the truth. Have you ever told yourself that the good life doesn’t exist? Have you ever chosen to believe that something you wanted was too good to be true? Have you ever stopped pursuing something you were excited about because it seemed improbable? Have you ever told yourself that only certain people were allowed to be 110% happy and that you simply weren’t one of the chosen ones?

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How to Find Your Passion and Discover What You Love In Life

1. Pay Attention To Your Life. 

When was the last time you actually thought about everything you did in a day after it was over? So many of us are in a hurry to put the day behind us when it’s over. We just want it all to be over and done with. We want to rush to the next day, or the next week, all along hoping that things will improve. All along impatiently waiting for our next weekend or our next vacation.

We run through the same old habits and rituals day after day - hardly paying attention to what we’re doing. How many of us have experienced that feeling of getting to your destination not even remembering the drive?

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10 Reasons to Let Go of Situations That Are Causing You Pain

Why do we choose to hold on to things that cause us pain? 

Don’t tell me I’m the only one who does it… 

Don’t leave me hanging here… You do it too. I know it. 

I know it because holding on is part of being a human. It’s part of wanting to be connected to other people. It’s part of craving belonging. Holding on makes us feel like we have control over, well, everything. 

Holding on makes us feel like we can force our way into the result we want. If we just work a little harder. If we just suck it up a little longer. If we could simply stick it out until something changes…

There’s just one little problem with these ideas...

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Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On Your Dreams

It’s time to get fired up. It’s time to embrace that little voice inside of you that’s been saying “You’ve gotta do this.” It’s time to follow your curiosity until it becomes an obsession. It’s time to jump in, feet first, unafraid and excited for what’s to come. 


How much time do you waste wondering about the what-ifs of a situation? How much time do you spend thinking that you should play it safe until you know for sure that something will work out? I’d be willing to bet that you spend way more time waiting than you spend taking action. You might even spend more time worrying about other people’s reactions to your life choices than you spend getting in touch with how you feel about your life. 

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How to Discover Your Passion and Find Out What You Really Want In Life

Why haven’t you done what you want yet?


Do you wake up in the morning, dragging yourself out of bed, kicking and screaming your way to some occupation that drains your energy and leaves you upset and confused? (By occupation I mean how you spend your time, whether it’s a job, school, a relationship, a hobby, or none of those… you’re occupying your time with something, right?) Do you ever wonder if there’s more to life than running from one necessity to another?

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