5 Ways to Get Out of a Bad Mood

5 ways to get Out of a Bad Mood pin.png

1. Flood yourself with uplifting content and positivity.

Bad moods can show up in the middle of any situation! Even when we least expect it. (Sometimes on the days when you’d think I’d be the happiest have been the most challenging). And often times, the bad mood is a result of consistent worries and rumination on a worst case scenario. Sometimes the thoughts we think seem so natural. We don't take the time to investigate them or question them. 

When we find ourselves in a bad mood, it’s a reminder! This bad mood is telling us to pay attention to what we’re thinking. It’s telling us to pay attention to what we believe. If we’ve been thinking about all of the bad things, the impossible things, the frustrating things for too long… if we’ve been telling ourselves there’s nothing positive, there’s no hope, there’s no possibilities for too long, our mood shifts to fit the energy of those thoughts!

When this happens, I flood myself with uplifting content and positivity. I remind myself of the other perspectives that exist in the world. I remind myself that I’m always deciding how I feel - and that it is a choice not a prison sentence. The positive content helps me look at life through a different lens!

2. Pay attention to what you’re focusing on and shift your thoughts if you need to.

What we focus on grows. What we give our attention to becomes our reality. So once we’ve flooded ourselves with positive, uplifting content, and we begin to feel our mood shift, we have to allow the shift to actually happen! I’ve been in the middle of transitioning into a good mood and then realized it, and chose to hold onto whatever thought was connected to my bad mood.

So instead of doing this, I had to learn to be willing to let it go. I had to learn to value feeling good. I had to learn to pay attention to how much I was holding onto negativity. And then I had to value feeling good and believing in the power of a curious and joyous attitude.

3. Do something physical.

Sometimes, the mindset work isn’t enough, and you might need to work through the energy in your body before your mood can settle down. Sometimes the tension we feel emotionally is directly related to how much stiffness and rigidity we carry in our bodies. So try some kind of physical activity to get your blood flowing and loose!

4. Do something you’re good at.

I’ve been working on this one lately! Sometimes we focus so much on improving ourselves and on trying to become better people that we forget we’re already pretty great! So take some time to focus on doing something you know you do really well to remind yourself of your amazing skillset.

Try this: make a list of 3-5 things you’re really good at and keep this list somewhere you can easily access it. The next time you’re in a bad mood, pull out your list. Instead of obsessing over being in a bad mood, jump right into one of the activities on your list. This way, you don’t have to decide which activity to do when you’re already in the bad mood -it’s there for you! While you’re doing this thing you’re really good at, remind yourself of how wonderful you truly are!

5. Prioritize fun.

I’m the type of person who is always challenging myself - in my personal relationships, in my work, with my health… so there are some times when I feel completely run down. I start to feel overwhelmed because everything I’m involved in is challenging. I’m always trying to become better than I was yesterday. When this becomes overwhelming instead of inspiring, I know it’s time to let myself have some fun.

And I don’t always have to go searching outside of myself for the fun. I can turn my current situation into a fun situation at any time! I find ways to make work fun. I find ways to make any conversation fun. I create new ways to make healthy living fun. We truly can make everything enjoyable for ourselves if we want to! All it takes it a little effort, some creativity, and a willingness to let go of the belief that life should be difficult.

This process typically begins with one question: What do I enjoy about this moment? Start there and see where it takes you! 

Your bad mood will begin to lift when you allow yourself to embody a new attitude. When you allow yourself to see your life in a new way. When you decide to value what’s good for yourself. 

You can do it! :) Make the decision to be happy! It’s so worth it. 




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