3 Week Mindfulness Journaling Challenge

What is mindfulness? It is a practice where we can cultivate awareness of the present moment without judgment.

It is the ability to be mindful, to pay attention to the world around us as it truly is - not as it was or as we hope it will be in the future. It gives us space to learn acceptance, surrender, and peace. 

Sounds like a complete win - win situation, right? Well… if you’ve ever tried to keep your mind from skipping merrily to tomorrow’s to-do list or stop it from traveling back in time to when you were five and some kid called you ugly… you know that mindfulness isn’t exactly something we tend to easily master. 

There’s also the not-so-tiny fact that sometimes the present moment simply sucks. We find ourselves not wanting to be completely in the moment when something life-altering is happening. We’d rather be anywhere but in that moment. How exactly does mindfulness help us then?

How can mindfulness give us peace and happiness when the thing we’re paying complete attention to is really painful?

Through practice. 

We must remind ourselves that feeling pain might not be what we want… the pain might not be what we expect… but we can experience it without judgment. We can approach the awareness of the situation with an open heart - simply watching the pain. Noticing its existence. Letting it be. From moment to moment. Understanding that we might not always be perfect at it, but that it is in the practice of mindfulness that we can begin to find complete surrender. 

Surrender to the fact that we probably do judge a lot of our world - a lot of our experiences. Learning not to beat ourselves up because we’re understanding something as “bad” or “good” in that moment is a large part of living a mindful life. Letting the judgment pass, and refusing to hold onto the story we’re telling ourselves is equally as important.  

When looking at the world through mindfulness, you begin to see everything, to do everything, to exist as if for the first time, knowing that nothing lasts forever. 

Mindfulness allows us to stop obsessing. 

It allows us to stop controlling. It lets us know that all is well. And in knowing that we don’t have to control everything, we can finally find who we really are. Paying attention to what is, accepting what is, and knowing that we get to choose what we focus on releases us from taking the events of our lives so personally. Essentially, we can be free. 

Mindfulness asks us to live our lives like they really matter.

It asks us to pay attention to whats going on right now. it asks us to let go our our need to control. It asks us to redefine “good” and “bad.” It asks us to accept that your preferences aren’t the only option. It asks us to be present in every moment. It asks us to FEEL life, not to think so much about it. Not to worry so much about it. 


How do we live a mindful life?

We do it by letting go. By paying attention - and knowing that we are being attentive. We take each step as if it is a gift. As we inhale and exhale we feel the breath moving through our body. We trust that every moment unfolds in its own time. We appreciate every bite of food we take - tasting it completely. We give ourselves space to experience every emotion, every situation, every thought completely. We don't have to expect anything from ourselves. 

This is not always easy work. It can be complicated to consistently pay attention to our lives as we live them. We hardly have enough time for necessities without making time to be fully present. So how do we set ourselves up to make mindfulness a habit? 

We journal your way to mindfulness! Because journaling asks for your full attention. It asks you to be present. It asks you to calm you mind and write one word at a time. Writing is not possible if you’re holding a million other thoughts in your head. You must find a way to pay attention to your pen against the paper. And in that moment - you’re completely free. Nothing else matters except your mind and that pen. 


This Mindfulness Journal gives you one journaling prompt designed to bring you into the present moment everyday for 3 weeks.


A 21 day transformation - a way to get in touch with the presence of your heart. A way to train yourself to stop overthinking and begin living. 


So how do you use the pages?


Sit down. Put pen to paper. Focus your mind on the topic from that page. And write down whatever comes to mind. Pay attention to your thoughts and follow them wherever they go. Allow things to unfold. Let your sentences be what they are. Don’t worry about grammar or sentences or paragraphs. Simply let the words be. No judgment. Just expression. Just presence. 


Click here for 21 days of mindfulness activities to help you stay in the present moment, and appreciate the beauty around you.


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