15 Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Loved One (Or Yourself)

I love giving gifts that match the personality of the person I'm giving the gift to. Giving gifts just to say you did it seems like such a waste of time and money to me. 

When you give someone a gift because you know it's something that the person will truly love, that's when the magic of the holiday happens. 

So for this Valentine's Day, I'm hoping this list can help you find some sweet treats for the special people in your life. But don't forget to show yourself a little of that Valentine's Day love, too! Put something in your shopping cart for yourself - because how many people really know you better than you know yourself?  ;) 


This list organizes gift options based on what your loved one likes to do.  So if your sweetie pie is a goodie, yogi, go getter, wellness guru, or anything in-between check out this list!


1. For the foodie

You can get your food loving lover nearly any pizza, ice cream, or Wagyu beef from around the country with Goldbely! Goldbely is SUPER COOL! I’m not getting paid to say this. I just really love Goldbely. This company will ship cool, unique food to your front door. Food from all over the country. Want cake from Momofuku’s Milk Bar but don’t live in New York? It’s all good. You can get it if you order from Goldbely. Want to try Tipsy Scoop but no way to get there? Goldbely it up! Those are the two things I’ve ordered from the company before, and it was ab

solutely perfect! They ship in temperature controlled boxes, and from my experience, it's a huge success! If you don’t feel like picking items for your picky foodie, then you can get them a Goldbely gift card where they can order from this cool company whenever they’d like!


2. For the voracious reader

Kindle  - I used to say I'd never get an e-reader of any kind. I loved books with pages too much. But then my house started piling up with more and more books and less and less space. So I got a kindle and never looked back. If your loved one

hasn't made the switch yet, get them a kindle! I don't think they'll regret it. 


3. For the tech adventurer

Drone with HD camera - Take gorgeous pictures and video from way up above. Get a beautiful view of you and your loved one at the beach - no selfie stick needed! Your tech obsessed honey will be so excited!


4. For the online shopper (or second half of a gift for the voracious reader)

Amazon gift card - We all know that Amazon has any and everything. If you get someone an Amazon gift card you can bet your life that it won't sit in the corner waiting to see the light of day. It's going to get used for something. I have found, though, that if you give a gift card with an intention behind it - it seems like less of a lazy gift. So pair this gift card with the Kindle and you'll be in gift-giver-heaven. 


5. For the sultry seductress

Boudoir photography - I've heard a lot of different opinions on this one. It may or may not be for you. But to me, there's something about putting on a little something that makes you feel SUPER HOT and channeling your inner Ashley Graham for a day. And if you're not getting the photo shoot done so that you can give it to your significant other, do it for yourself and hang the photos in your bedroom or bathroom. Admire yo'self, girl! You don't have to wait for someone else to do it!


6. For the neat freak / lazy cleaner:

Roomba- This is a great gift for EVERYONE. If you love cleaning, you'll probably admire the genius of this little gadget. If you hate cleaning, you'll love that you have to do less to get your place to sparkle and shine. And if you're gifting this item to your loved one, it's basically like saying "Here bae, spend less time cleaning up and more time loving me!" Feel free to write that down in your card. You can take credit for it. I don't mind. ;)


7. For the coffee addict 

Keurig and K-pods and maybe cute Valentine's Day mugs like this:

I'm a sucker for cute mugs like this one below. But seriously, my Keurig changed my life. And it's saved me money because I spend a lot less time getting drinks from Starbucks. I need variety in my life and the basic coffee maker wasn't cutting it. So if your significant other loves coffee but doesn't have a Keurig, change their life and get them one! 


8. For the curly girl, spa lover, or manscaper

Fogless shower mirror with squeegee - My husband got me one and OMG, I can't even tell you how much I love it. I finger detangle my hair in the shower, and having a mirror helps SO MUCH! So if your honey is a curly girl, this could be a great option! My husband found out about this mirror because he was originally looking for a shower mirror for himself - for shaving and whatnot. So if your honey is a guy, you can get a shower mirror for him too! 


9. For the travel junkie, wanderlust royalty

Plane tickets. Go big or go home! Literally! Has your sweetie been begging for a vacation? Or have they been dropping hints about Italy or Hawaii or Bali? Make it happen! Life is too short and we are too stressed. Do something magnificent, if you can, while you can! 


10. For the go getter 

Stress relief candle, massage oil, and massage table - Because we all need a little R&R. And maybe you don't want to have to go out into the world and worry about scheduling and parking and talking to strangers. R&R in your home! Do it, and thank me later. 


11. For the aromatherapy lover / healer 

Essential oil diffuser and oil blends - I have this exact diffuser and I'm completely in love with it. I used to be a serious candle addict, but this diffuser stole my heart. It fills the air with healing scents, and depending on what combination of essential oil you use, the scent offers amazing healing properties. Want to feel sexy and romantic on V-Day? Try ylang-ylang or cinnamon essential oils. There are also amazing essential oil blends already curated for you, so keep your eye out for any oils with "romance" or "love" in the title. 


12. For the yogi

Yogi Surprise Box and or Manduka Eko Lite Mat - When I got the mat of my dreams, my practice changed. My knees didn't hurt anymore, and my hands weren't slipping all over the place. And I didn't have to worry about breathing in crazy toxic chemicals. So if your love is a yogi who hasn't invested in a great mat, this is a great gift opportunity! And if you throw in a subscription to the Yogi Surprise Box, which I love and might do a review for in the future, your yogi-bae will be in yogi-bliss. Products to help them zen-out and a mat to breathe on? Who could ask for more? No one. That's who. 


13. For the natural beauty and wellness guru 

Love Goodly Subscription Box - Use this link and coupon code LOVESHOP for 10% off any order over $25.00 (Happy Valentine's Day Ya'll!) If your lady loves makeup but hates chemicals, get her this lovely Valentine's Day gift that keeps on giving. She'll get a box of makeup and wellness goodies delivered to her door every other month. And when she opens it, she'll think of you every time! Brownie points! 


14. For everyone 

The gift of time - dedicate an entire day to kicking it with your lover - PHONE AND INTERNET FREE! Yeah, I did a caps lock on you. Because the whole unplugging thing is what makes this a special kind of gift. Quality time is so underrated these days. 


15. For everyone 

Staycation. Go all out on the experience instead of buying physical items. Maybe you go to a local hotel and spa. Maybe you check out a romantic place on AirBnB. Maybe you decide not to spend money at all. Instead you set up a cozy, romantic space in your home for you two to talk, eat, and reconnect. Maybe reconnection is all Valentine's Day is about anyway. 




Yes, some of these links are affiliate links, which means I'd get commission if you purchase the item. But don't worry!  I'm only suggesting these gifts because I genuinely think they'll be truly helpful to you and your loved one on Valentine's Day. 


I'd love to hear from you if you tried giving any of these gifts this year! Or if you already have any of these items. :)


Feel free to share this post if someone you know needs help brainstorming about gift ideas for their someone special.


HaPpy Valentine's Day!