10 Practical Tips for Using the Law of Attraction


1. Your emotions speak louder than words – at least when you’re communicating with the Universe.


Your emotions represent your vibrational level. They tell you how close you are to what your soul wants. They let you know if you’re creating something you want or something you don’t want.


Most people boil down the meaning of the Law of Attraction to the phrase: “Like attracts like.” In some ways, this is accurate. But it’s also more intricate than this statement. This is why we so often dismiss our limited understanding of karma. We think, there’s no way that your energy can come back to you – if that was the case, bad things wouldn’t happen to good people. But that logic completely misses the meaning behind the phrase, “like attracts like.”


Essentially, that phrase means that the energy with which you take action attracts the same energy in the outcome of the situation. A frantic energy while you’re buying a gift for someone else might lead to frantic energy coming back to you – even if you’re going out of your way to do something nice for someone else. It isn’t always a black and white, clear-cut situation. We have to dive into our emotions if we’re ever going to really grasp the law of attraction.


2. Feeling good is more important than continuing to identify what you’re wishing for. 


If you’re hoping for a particular outcome in your life, but you’re feeling horrible about not having it already, what do you think your emotions are communicating to the Universe? The horrible feeling is the only thing the Universe receives. Everything is vibrational – and in the moment when you’re thinking about you’re desire and feeling bad, your vibration is negative.


Aside from the fact that thinking about what you want and feeling frustrated is just energetically draining, it won’t help you bring your desires into reality.


Instead, try shifting your attention to anything that gives you joy. The more general you can get, the better you’ll feel. If you really want a new puppy, but you feel like you’ll never get it, it might not be the best idea vibrationally to think about going to buy your Shih Tzu tomorrow. Going general might look like you thinking about how fun it is to play with a fuzzy puppy. You might go for a walk and think about how fun it will be to take a dog on the walk with you. You might go play with someone else’s dog. You might just go practice some yoga because that makes you feel good and you won’t have to think about the thing that hasn’t showed up in physical form for you just yet.


Whatever you do, if you’re trying to use the law of attraction to your benefit, caring about how you feel is the fastest way to open yourself up to your desires.


3. The law of attraction always responds to your vibration. 


You are always communicating with the Universe. Telling the Universe what you want doesn’t only occur when you make a vision board or meditate. When you’re brushing your teeth your feelings are telling the Universe what you want more of. When you’re cooking dinner, you’re still communicating.


If this seems like an overwhelming thought, don’t worry. You don’t have to constantly monitor your thoughts. You don’t have to feel guilty for thinking about something you don’t like. Simply allow your thoughts and feelings to guide you away from things you don’t want and toward things you do want.


If you notice something that you don’t enjoy, be happy that you now know that that thing is not for you. Be thankful. And think about something you’d prefer instead. Allow the preference to be the instigator of creation and manifestation. Focus on feeling good about everything – even your negative thoughts. Focus on shifting your perspective so you can find the silver lining.


4. When you feel inspired, your inner being is giving you clear communication and guidance.


When you encounter something inspirational, you feel compelled to take action because your desires are in alignment with your soul’s intention. Have you ever had a moment when you were so completely excited and energized about a new idea? Have you ever seen someone else taking action and knew deep within that you could do something similar?


This is the moment to take action! This is the moment to stay in a place of joy. This is the time for you to explore the experience your inner being is showing you.


When this happens, don’t wait. Don’t put it on the back burner. Explore your sparks of inspiration.


5. It isn’t possible to purely and truly desire something while feeling bad our fearful or doubtful about the thing you want. 


Feeling excited and joyful about what you want while at the same time feeling worried and anxious about it is not possible. So when you really want something, and you’re working to raise your vibration so that you can bring that thing into your physical experience, find the best feeling possible. If you’re worried about not getting what you want, stop thinking about what you want. Instead, think about how great it feels to have clarity. Think about how thankful you are for the ability to create your own reality. Move toward a more general thought that makes you feel excited and joyful until the worry dissipates.


6. The law of attraction isn’t about effort. 


One of the biggest criticisms of The Secret is that it encourages people to sit around wishing for things without doing anything to actually getting what they want.


The element of the law of attraction that is being overlooked here is that “efforting” your way into any situation typically brings more stress – eventually causing negative emotions to arise within your vibration. If it’s too hard, too painful, too worrisome, back off a little. Enjoy the process. Have some fun. Let your experience unfold. Trust that everything will happen in an appropriate time.


Let the right opportunities show up, almost as if by magic. This doesn’t mean there is nothing for you to do, this just means that a good portion of the process of manifestation is something you cannot control by doing more. Follow your inspired instincts instead.


7. Give thought to what you want with so much clarity that your inner being responds by providing a positive emotion.


In other words, let yourself have some fun! Don’t punish yourself just because what you want hasn’t happened yet. Continue living your life. Embrace things that excite you.


Think about your preferences and smile because you like them. Don’t be upset because they aren’t here yet. The present moment is only a manifestation of your past thoughts. So the present cant possible be exactly what you want right now. What you want right now will unfold in the future. Your desires continue growing and expanding and changing because you are human! Humans must grow and change.


Trust that your new desires are on their way, and find peace in knowing that everything is possible.


8. Your ability to focus fuels the law of attraction. The more you focus on a thing you want, the more momentum builds around that topic, and the point of attraction will be stronger. 


Consistency is key. Once you decide that you want something, do not go back and refuse to believe that it’s possible. Focusing on the feeling of having what you want now will lead you to the right opportunities and the right people and the right decisions. But if your focus is on why your dreams will never work out, you will find yourself in situations that prove that your dreams are impossible. If you waver between those two feelings, your manifestations will either be weak because you’re giving the Universe contradicting energy.


9. Disappointment lets you know that what you are thinking about is not what you want to experience. Shift your feelings - think about something that makes you happy. 


So often we blame disappointment on ourselves – because we aren’t enough. Because we didn’t do something right. Because that situation didn’t work out the way we wanted. When really, being disappointed is an amazing signal. Disappointment or anger or frustration or sadness lets us know that what we’re doing or what we’re wanting is not in alignment with out inner being.


Being disappointed gives us an opportunity to gain even more clarity about what we truly want. It gives us the chance to find a better feeling preference. When you’re feeling something negative it doesn’t mean that you’ll never manifest what you want, you’re simply getting a shot at becoming even more definitive about what you want and why you want it.


10. The Universe does not know the different between what you’re currently experiencing and what you’re imagining. It will respond the same way to the emotion you associate with either scenario. 


So even though people say vision boards and visualizing does nothing to help you reach your goals, you have to follow your own joy. If creating a vision board makes you feel closer to your desire, if it helps you feel happy when you walk past it, if it inspires you to take positive action, then create the board! If you want to take five minutes every morning to visualize your goals, and that helps you get out of bed with a smile of your face and a bounce in your step then do it! And if you get the feeling of the experience before the actual physical manifestation of what you want, then revel in the joy of the moment, and wait for the unfolding of everything else.


*These lessons about the law of attraction and manifestation come from years of reading and studying the Abraham Hicks texts (along with other motivational and inspirational speakers like Tony Robbins). This understanding of the law of attraction resonates with me, and has created some amazing shifts in my life, and that’s the main reason I share these things. My hope is that you will take what resonates with you, what you feel excited about and create the life you’ve always wanted.