10 Mantras for Overcoming Fear

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1. My curiosity is stronger than my fear. 

Don’t you want to see what’s going to happen? Don’t you want to know how everything will turn out? Don’t you want to find peace in knowing that you experienced all of it? That you got through all of it? That life turned out how it did, and you were there to witness it? Allow your curiosity to lessen the impact of your fear. Dare to find out what will happen to you. 


2. I’m willing to become the version of myself I’ve always wanted to be. 

Dare to trust that you can withstand what you’re worried about. What would the best version of yourself think about your fear? How would the most loving, capable, compassionate version of yourself react to this feeling? 


3. Things are always evolving and transforming. 

Nothing stays the same forever. The thing you’re afraid of will be gone someday. It might not be pleasant or easy to get through, but it will be gone eventually. It will all be different someday. And someday, you will feel differently about the situation, about your fear, about your actions. So even if you’re afraid in this moment, and even if this fear changes everything about who you are… maybe you can let it change you. Maybe you can let it open your eyes. Don’t resist your fear. Let it come to your front door and at least take a peek at what it’s offering. 


4. I embrace the things that I don’t know and am open to the future being better than I expected. 

Maybe what it’s offering is so much better than you know. Maybe it’s taking you along a path that turns out to be everything you’ve ever needed. And maybe it isn’t… but do you think it’s worth being open to finding out?


5. I face every moment of my life with an open heart and a welcoming spirit.

You can face it. You can be open to life. You can face the world with love for it all. It’s possible. If you want it, it’s possible. 


6. There is nothing that can defeat me. I will not let go of my power. 

Everything you’ve made it through in the past, everything you’ve been afraid of in the past but survived has trained you for this moment. You are more powerful than your fear. 


7. I can always find something to be grateful for. There is always an opportunity for joy, even when I’m afraid. 

Fear is a beautiful teacher. It shows us where we can grow. It tells us where we need to send our trust and love. It lets us know that we still care, that we’re still human. And at the very least, that’s a gift to be thankful for. 


8. I enjoy the rich variety of my life, and am excited to continue experiencing it all. 

Fear is just one of the many feelings we deal with. Just one of the many filters we see our daily lives through. Just one of the ways we interpret the world around us. Downgrade your fear from something magnetic and earth-shattering to something mundane and normal. Your fear is normal and understandable and regular. Another feeling came before your fear and another feeling will come after. 


9. I get to have this moment - the one I’m afraid of. My fear is a gift. 

This is an opportunity for compassion, for self-love, and for bravery. This is a moment for growth. This is a moment offering a portal to a new, stronger self. You get to do this, live this life, learn these lessons. And you have your fear to thank for steering you through it all. 


10. Feeling fear is temporary. Eventually the fear will shift. It transforms. It dissipates. 

If you feel the terror completely, you really allow it to stay with you… eventually new thoughts will appear. New experiences will turn up. A resolution or a change in the situation you were afraid of will happen. At some point, a change will happen. And when it does, your perspective, your reaction, your fear… they will all shift as well. And if you trust that this shift is coming while you’re in the middle of the fear, you’ll know that you can get through it. 


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