Ten Things to Stop Believing if You Want to Be Happy, Empowered, & Stress Free 

The general reaction to anyone who says that a stress free life is possible is disbelief. 

Most people think the stress free life is a lie. Most people think feeling happy and peaceful most of the time is a lie. Most people think that suffering is simply a way of life.

They think that when something horrible happens we HAVE to spend a really long time feeling sad and guilty and distressed and overwhelmed and depressed. Because that’s just life. That’s the way things are. 

I’m here to tell you that when we think this way, we’re giving away our power.

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Stress Free Living Challenge: Day 5

Today is  my favorite and the absolute best day of the stress free living challenge!

Today’s video is all about finally getting rid of your bad habits!

I go into depth about how using mindfulness has helped me reach a goal I had for YEARS! And how you can use mindfulness to let go of the things that are holding you back just like I did. 

Want to know the details? Check out the video!

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Stress Free Living Challenge: Day 4

I was so fired up in this video… I can’t even explain it. 

There are no words to introduce the level of intense I was feeling. Just watch it. Like now. No… seriously. Click play. And watch all the way through! I get even more fired up towards the end! 

I get fired up because I care. 

Because I don’t want to you to settle. 

Because I want you to see your worth. 

Because I want you to stop allowing other people and all of your struggles and all of your pain and all of the obstacles to hold you back… to stop you from going after the things that make your life worth living. 

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Stress Free Living Challenge: Day 3

Woo hoo! It’s day 3 and here’s the brand new training!

Today we're talking about learning to stop the stress before it starts and what you really need to know to live zen AF all the time.

I won’t get into too much in this blog post, I just want you to have an amazing time going through this training. Try to just relax and listen to what resonates with you. If you're willing to be open, this training can change the way you look at everything in your life!

At the end of the day 3 stress free living video, I also talk ALL about the special announcement I mentioned yesterday… so make sure you watch the whole thing! 

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Stress Free Living Challenge: Day 2

I'm so excited to see you again for Day 2 of the Stress Free Living Challenge! 

Yesterday we talked about some quick tips you can implement when you’re already feeling stressed and when you feel like you’re getting nowhere with your self-care practice. 

Today, we’re going to talk about “fixing” a stressful situation and how to figure out why you’re stuck and overwhelmed in the first place. 

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Stress Free Living Challenge: Day 1

 Becoming Zen AF: Why you’re doing all the “right” things but your stress hasn’t gone anywhere.

Have you ever told yourself that you’ve tried EVERYTHING to finally feel stress-free? Have you ever bought into the idea that life just sucks and you have to simply get over it? Have you ever felt like you have to put off every dream you’ve ever had for yourself because you’re just too overwhelmed to even know where to begin?

If you have, I COMPLETELY understand. 

I understand where you’re coming form because I’ve been there. 

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How to Love Yourself More & Stress Less

Here’s a really important equation I want you to remember:

Self-love + Mindfulness = Stress free living

And stress free living = the ability to develop the courage and clarity you need to discover your purpose and to pursue your passion.

How many times have you said you’re going to just wait until things are easier and less chaotic before you start to do things that excite and inspire you? How many times have you said you can’t possibly start that business or start that new hobby because you already have way too much to juggle? Are you secretly tired of waiting until you have the perfect set of circumstances before you can finally take a breath, feel stress-free, and pursue the things that MATTER to you?

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The Harsh Truth About Living Your Dreams & Loving Yourself

Here’s the truth… 

If you’re not taking action towards living a life that you actually WANT… if you’re not excited about what you’re doing everyday then it’s time to make some changes. 

I used to preach that message to my students every Tuesday and Thursday. 

I’d say, “If you’re not excited about being in this room, you have some work to do! If you’re not interested in being here, if sitting in that seat is the last thing you care about and you’d rather be anywhere but here… there is either some kind of connection you need to make between the work you’re doing right now and the life you want for yourself later OR you need to get so clear about what you want that you realize maybe college really isn’t the place you need to be.”

And I said it all because I knew exactly what it was like to sit in a classroom and feel like I’d rather trip and fall into a human-sized blender than learn another thing about statistics.

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How to Love Feeling Afraid When Chasing Your Dreams

Have you been wanting to try something new, take a risk, or pursue a big dream?

How long have you kept this dream a secret? Only thinking about it at night before you sleep… refusing to give your dream attention, refusing to commit to it because this wild dream can’t possibly come true, right?

Have you been wanting to create a bigger, more amazing, more authentic life for yourself? Have you been wanting to make changes, to do things differently, to switch up your habits and become the person you know you can be?

If you have… I know for sure you’ve encountered your fair share of fear.

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How to Stop Being a Perfectionist

One of the most important things I’ve had the pleasure of learning over and over again in life is that perfection is a myth. 

The first time I really HEARD these words (actually felt them, and could understand the validity and impact of this lesson) was in a college classroom. I was working as a supplemental instructor, learning how to teach writing to college freshman from one of the most amazing and passionate people on the planet. 

The way this professor talked about language, learning, and writing turned my world upside down. I was in the middle of one of the most stressful semesters I’d ever experienced - applying for graduate school, taking on brand new leadership roles, working, and taking honors classes… and on top of the baseline requirements, I was learning how to become comfortable behaving and coping as a college senior, as a writer, or and as a teacher. 

Long story short, I had no idea what I was doing.

But this professor changed everything for me. 

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What They Don't Tell You About Self-Love and Self-Care...

I’m sure you’ve heard it before… take care of yourself first because you can’t support anyone else if you’re struggling yourself. 

We know that self-care is about making sure we’re doing what’s necessary for us to feel alive, well, vibrant, and healthy. We know not to take a second for granted because this existence in this particular body with this particular perspective at this moment in time doesn’t last and eventually we will cease to exist... so we say seize the day, take chances while you can, and live your best life.

And then we get upset. We get upset with ourselves, and we get upset with the people we’re around.

Because what actually happens when people attempt to live a life of self-love isn’t comfortable. 

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10 Affirmations for Finding Peace in a Stressful Moment

Here’s the interesting thing about affirmations… when you first start them, it can feel like you’re lying to yourself. Reciting affirmations to yourself so that you can find peace when you really feel like taking your frustration out on the nearest punching bag can seem unrealistic. Unless you know WHY affirmations work in the first place.

See, we don’t do affirmations for things that we already wholeheartedly believe to be true. We don’t need to affirm to ourselves that we can read when we wake up in the morning. If you’re reading this post right now, you probably feel pretty good about your ability to understand a sentence or two. 

We don’t wake up and decide to remind ourselves that we have a sense of smell… (Unless maybe we’re sick and feeling kind of stuffy). 

When we gear ourselves up for affirmations, when we decide that we have to affirm something to ourselves, it is typically because we’re struggling to believe a particular idea to be true. 

Which can lead to an automatic assumption that affirmations don’t work. 

Instead of looking at our affirmations as a way to lie to ourselves, or as a way that we’re reminding ourselves of what we don’t yet have in our lives, we can learn to see our affirmation practice as planting seeds in a garden. 

When planting a seed, we don’t see any immediate results.

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