Meditate & Wonder is here to flood you with inspiration and positivity for when you need it most. If you’re ready to quiet the chaos and turn up your happiness, you’re in the right place! 


We don’t need to search very long to find representations of tragedy and distress in the world. We see the struggle, the hurt, and the second guessing that so many of us experience reflected in everything we do. In a conversation with an angry person, in the media, on the freeway, in an unexpected expense, in the loss of someone or something we love…  


But I truly believe we don’t see enough of the other side of life - the rose colored glasses, the love, the support. The belief in what’s possible. The ability to advocate for ourselves. We don’t see the words of affirmation, the joy of the present moment, the simple ecstasy of a complete breath…  We don’t hear about the lessons we learn on the other side of our pain. 



The beauty of darkness is that it’s a

glorious canvas for the stars. 


So when you’re having a hard time remembering the purpose of the darkness, when it seems like you need a little bit more light in your life, just a little inspiration, a way to get yourself to remember your own power and agency, return to Meditate and Wonder. 


When was the last time you scrambled to unlock your phone so that you could take a picture of a moment that brought you joy? A cute expression on your puppy’s face? A melting sunset before it disappeared behind the horizon? That gorgeous dress you tried on and but didn’t buy? 


Except your phone died right before you snapped the shot… Or your puppy buried it’s face in your blanket… And you didn’t get to capture the moment right before it became a memory. 


Does part of your joy die with your phone’s battery? Does your happiness fade because you didn’t digitally immortalize that tiny shiny star in the darkness? 


When you practice mindful living the happy moments are that much happier. The sunsets are that much more beautiful. And believe it or not, that puppy’s face is even cuter! 

Mindful living means:

Showing up completely in your life, 

Participating in every second to your fullest capability,


Appreciating every experience no matter how small. 


Because when you’re fully present, nothing feels better. Nothing tastes better. Nothing moves you more.


So even when your life feels spectacular, return to Meditate and Wonder, and practice turning up your happiness. Life is better with a little more volume.

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