About Me

The Short Story: 

I’m a wellness / personal development blogger and poet who loves a steaming cup of coffee and a relaxing yoga practice. 

I bet you think you know what kind of person I am now, right? Well… I’d be willing to bet that you’re probably a little off the mark. We're all so much more than our labels right?



But since labels can give you a sense of what I like to do, I'll share some with you anyway. 

Here are a couple more ways I could categorize myself on any given day: A singer. A daughter. A wife. A multiethnic southern California native. Obsessed with mindfulness and meditation. Also obsessed with romance novels, crime documentaries, and Grey’s Anatomy. Novelist. Sister. Aunt. Student of life. Doggy mom. Creator. Pisces. Speaker. Motivator. Analytical over-thinker. Pasta lover. I REALLY love to cook. Hopeless romantic. Ex college writing instructor and tutor. Candle collector. Voracious reader. Always listening to 90s R&B. Sometimes minimalist. Lifelong dreamer. 


And even that doesn’t really describe who I am. Words can only do so much sometimes… and yet they do everything! 

SO why would someone with all of those labels want to create Meditate and Wonder? 

Because I wanted to create something that would help people develop their own version of a meditative practice. I wanted to create an online space that would help you become aware of the moments of wonder in your life. Something that would help you find your own path to happiness and stick to it even when things seem way too difficult. 


If found my way out of the difficulties over and over again. And to be honest with you, I’ll probably have to find my way out again. We all have to commit to choosing understanding, choosing happiness, choosing positivity, choosing what we focus on every single day - and some days will be harder than others. Because in life if we're not growing, what are we doing? 

Challenges don’t stop, but our ability to find our center in the midst of the challenges does become stronger. 

And that’s okay. That’s why we have community. That’s why we practice. That’s why we meditate. That’s why we share our stories. Because we are not alone. And we do not have to live in our suffering. We do not have to accept the negative things that we tell ourselves. 

Instead, we rise. We spend our time doing the things that make us remember who we really are. We refuse to waste a second. 

I’ll be here to remind you. And in reminding you, I remind myself.

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