About Me

The Short Story: 

I’m a personal development blogger, mindfulness expert, and passion life coach who loves a steaming cup of coffee and a relaxing yoga practice. 

I bet you think you know what kind of person I am now, right? Well... I’d be willing to bet that you’re probably a little off the mark. We're all so much more than our labels right?



But since labels can give you a sense of what I like to do, I'll share some with you anyway. 

Here are a couple more ways I could categorize myself on any given day: A singer. A daughter. A wife. A multiethnic southern California native. Obsessed with mindfulness and meditation. Also obsessed with romance novels, crime documentaries, and Grey’s Anatomy. Novelist. Sister. Aunt. Student of life. Doggy mom. Creator. Pisces. Speaker. Motivator. Recovering analytical over-thinker. Pasta lover. I REALLY love to cook. Hopeless romantic. Ex college writing instructor and tutor. Candle collector. Voracious reader. Always listening to 90s R&B. Sometimes minimalist. Lifelong dreamer. In love with manifestation. 


And even that doesn’t really describe who I am. Words can only do so much sometimes… and yet they do everything! 

SO what do all of those inadequate labels have to do with Meditate and Wonder? 

I wanted to create something that would help people develop their own version of a meditative practice, and ultimately a mindful and happy life. I wanted to create an online space that would help you become aware of the moments of wonder in your life. A compilation of tips and lessons to help you navigate feeling stuck and stressed out... to help you overcome feeling like you're not living up to your potential. Something that would help you find your own path to passion and purpose and strategies to help you stick with it even when things seem way too difficult.


If found my way out of the difficulties over and over again. And to be honest with you, I’ll probably have to find my way out again. We all have to commit to choosing understanding, choosing happiness, choosing positivity, choosing what we focus on every single day - and some days will be harder than others. Because in life if we're not growing, what are we doing? 

Challenges don’t stop, but our ability to find our center in the midst of the challenges does become stronger. 

And that’s okay. That’s why we have community. That’s why we practice. That’s why we meditate. That’s why we share our stories. Because we are not alone. And we do not have to live in our suffering. We do not have to accept the negative things that we tell ourselves. 

Instead, we rise. We spend our time doing the things that make us remember who we really are. We refuse to waste a second. 

We dive deeper into who we are to figure out what we really want in this life. We discover our passions. We uncover our truth. And then we do everything it takes to pursue those passions. To do the things that light us up. To live the life we used to only dream of. 

I did it. 

I used to teach college writing courses to confused, bored, and for the most part uninspired freshman. I'm not describing them that way to insult them at all. In fact, I loved that they came into my class miserable because it showed me what my true calling was. I remember feeling like the only reason I wanted to go to work was to inspire my students, to help them figure out who they were and why they were in that classroom. To help them understand what vision they had for themselves and to help them uncover the tools and talents they'd be able to use to reach their career, education, and life goals. 

But the reality of the job wasn't the thing that lit me up inside. The reality was grading and bureaucracy, standards and grammar. The more I taught the more I realized that the very job I'd trained for, invested in, and prayed for at one point... wasn't the right place for me anymore. This realization hit me like an angry bull. 

My whole world was rocked. I had based my identity around the fact that I was a writer / college level educator. And I knew a lot of other people had based my identity (and probably my worth) on what I did for work. And I didn't know if I was willing to give that up. I was one of the first in my family to go to college and get a graduate level degree... one of the first to pursue a career in academia... I had three degrees and was really good at teaching all by the time I was 23. (I'm not saying this to brag. Guys, I don't even use my degrees in a traditional sense anymore. I'm saying it to give you context - so that you'll understand what I thought I was risking by leaving all I had "accomplished" behind). At the time I honestly didn't know who I would be without what I'd worked so hard to become. 

All I knew was that I couldn't do the work that just didn't sit right within my soul. I showed up every week inspiring my students and giving them the tools they needed to think critically, learn more about themselves, and go after their big dreams... but at the time I didn't have enough courage to do those things myself. 

The disconnect was painful. 

And because I'm a super sensitive, intuitive, empath, Pisces... it didn't take too long before my body began to let me know I was done working n higher education. I got sick. In so many ways. I won't disgust you with the gory details. 

It took me three whole semesters to learn the lesson. It took me digging deep and questioning everything I'd ever known. It took me developing sincere and genuine self-love that couldn't be rocked. It took me quieting all of the outside noise, judgment, and speculation to get to the root of what I wanted to do in this world... who I wanted to be. It took me learning to see value in my gifts, and trusting that I had value to offer the world. It took endless books, speeches, and courses. It took meditation and journaling and silence. It took faith and vulnerability. It took an ability to connect the dots... an understanding that the writing classroom and personal development are two sides of the same coin.

And it took a burning desire to help other people not have to go through the pain that I went through to finally get to live their passion and put themselves first in their lives. 

Long story aside, what I'm trying to say is that I’m here to light the path. You don't have to be lucky to follow your dreams. You just have to have a vision and a willingness to SHOW UP!

Once I showed up for myself and began sharing my message with other people, things began falling into place. Once I stopped putting off my self-care and my joy, things got really good. Once I started to make mindfulness a daily practice, life started to actually look like how I'd envisioned it in my dreams years before. 



So tell me...

how do you envision your wildest dream life?

How much time do you spend on things you're passionate about?

And do you believe your dreams are possible? 





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How does that long story have anything to do with Mindfulness and meditation?

Well... It's pretty simple. 



We don’t need to search very long to find representations of tragedy and distress in the world. We don't have to ask very many people before we find someone who is willing to crush our dreams. We see the struggle, the hurt, and the second guessing that so many of us experience reflected in everything we do. In a conversation with an angry person, in the media, on the freeway, in an unexpected expense, in the loss of someone or something we love... 


But I truly believe we don’t see enough of the other side of life - the rose colored glasses, the love, the support. The belief in what’s possible. The ability to advocate for ourselves. We don’t see the words of affirmation, the joy of the present moment, the simple ecstasy of a complete breath...  We don’t hear about the lessons we learn on the other side of our pain. And THAT - the focus on the possibility of it all - is what really creates change in someone's life. 





So when you’re having a hard time remembering the purpose of the darkness, when it seems like you need a little bit more light in your life, just a little inspiration, a way to get yourself to remember your own power and agency, return to Meditate and Wonder. 


When was the last time you scrambled to unlock your phone in time so that you could take a picture of a moment that brought you joy? A cute expression on your puppy’s face? A melting sunset before it disappeared behind the horizon? That gorgeous dress you tried on and but didn’t buy? 


Except your phone died right before you snapped the picture... Or your puppy buried it’s face in your blanket... And you didn’t get to capture the moment right before it became a memory. 


Does part of your joy die with your phone’s battery? Does your happiness fade because you didn’t digitally immortalize that tiny shiny star in the darkness? 


When you practice mindful living the happy moments are that much happier. The sunsets are that much more beautiful. And believe it or not, that puppy’s face is even cuter! 







Because when you’re fully present, nothing feels better. Nothing tastes better. Nothing moves you more.

When you're fully present, and fully compassionate... living your passion is not only possible... IT'S ACTUALLY FUN!


So even when your life feels spectacular, return to Meditate and Wonder, and practice turning up your happiness. Life is better with a little more volume.