asking yourself the right questions leads to living a life that matches your wildest dreams!

The M&W self-care and mindfulness journal asks you powerful questions to help you get unstuck, and learn to trust your authentic self everyday for 365 days.

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Hey there, Lovely! 


I'm Djinji!

And it's my mission to help you live a stress free life!

I created Meditate & Wonder to teach you how to truly master mindfulness and self-love so that you can bring the wonder and passion back into your life!

Mindfulness & meditation saved me from holding onto a life and a job that were NOT in alignment with who I'd become. And now, it's your turn! 

Let go of what's holding you back. Stop caring so much about what everyone else thinks. It's time to follow your heart.




Stress is optional.

Self-love is mandatory!

Want to know how living this motto can change your life? 

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